/penis hex/

October 6, 2019

the hex for a penis isn’t really all about
the penis
the penis is not an issue all fine doing its own thing
ink blot semen       sweet white plaster
pale peach tartlet
but when it goes you see      you see a lot of things

to hex a penis off means taking a laugh out for a walk
long and blue
cold as Russia
laughing and laughing your mouth is open
let your girlfriend see your tongue

to hex a penis off wrap yourself up
in a warm bed and no one is there
intellectual persuasion
hand in the unowned air
peeling strips of dull bleached sky

hex like artemisia
holofernes’ head back the fucking sucker
head back and tirades full of blood
he goes down way way down
judith’s painted hand is a snare
she is catching your penis and taking it home

hex with a plate of grilled pears
against cream
a glass of just-pink wine
teacups porcelain thrush egg blue
your soft under the breath singing

hex it off with a little journey
islands of any kind ideally somewhere cold
green things butting out into a black/grey sea
no one is on the island to tell you the kind of
things you should be touching

hex at a child-wedding
don’t worry it’s cool
at the ceremony just wait until the
drinks are being served and then set fire
to the whole place
the drapes that are azure blue
holiday destination blue pope innocent blue
the child-bride comes with you
her big gobstopper eyes and hello kitty backpack
full of dicks

hex in a philosophy seminar
see them start to detach and waver
a few centimetres apart from their owners

maybe I’m not actually bothered by the logical
summation of things
their soft and sweet calculation and steadfast rationale
maybe I like it out here in the dark cold wood
with all my bits hanging down and fiery creatures
perching on every surface shaking their claws
maybe I like it with god holding my sweaty wavering hand

hex it by saying nothing
this navy zip-up and scarf says that I understand comfort
and solidarity
don’t talk to me don’t tell me about your day
or ask me where the good places are
is there a problem is this sector
off it goes

turn back and unpave the roads
hex an epic poem some kind of discharge
a throne that you forged from
gold and diamonds and plastic bangles
and crow feathers and infinity rings

hex it through glory
total and utter glory
your huge red/black hair reaching and touching the upper
pagan understanding and all types of weird singing
some woman in a mint silk pantsuit so happy with
a penis between her legs and the next shucking it off
able to do exactly as is necessary

wind batters the tall insane skyscrapers
glowering hungry sky             very unusual
that metallic taste in your mouth it’s changing       

you see

Rebecca Tamás


October 6, 2019

Who is not here?

Why are they not here?

Where are they?

I have no shame but fury

I have no shame but weariness

I have no shame but a sense of enclosure

I have no shame but a sense of déjà vu

I have no shame but the knowledge I shall be disbelieved

I have no shame

I am ashamed

I am not ashamed of

I am ashamed for

Vahni Capildeo

Inside A Girl

October 6, 2019

is hot house
light and back stage
shimmying cancan dancers
demanned and gleaming
from the whisper cutter
when the soldiers came
back from the last flaggy war
liberally spray coolant
inside a girl
or her ghosts
will just stand around
about wintergreen demi-cups
and sateen flavours
in their underpants
saying wasn’t this just
the girliest machine shop
in the good old days
they’ll never get back to work
of areola brown lipsticks instead
unswept pubic shavings
will grow up in mounds
on the floor
inside a girl’s
just a mass
of rusty underwire
scores of wet ringlets
cause it’s so hot
in here it’s tight
with dancing
pelvic bones
to pop on loops
the girls
work like ants inside
grinding parts
in their skirts of moleskin
and tulle they do the sugarplum
they skinny out
marching the line
one by one
they pour out of the blown
red lips
of a tramped peony
thrown up
at the encore
I think
that’s the part
where they take their
tops down

Elizabeth O’Brien

Too Late Batman…

October 6, 2019

If only Batman hadn’t spent so long with Catwoman, he would have arrived in time to prevent Robin going for a spin!

Our Song

October 6, 2019

And you – you danced with another while our song was still playing.

The debauchery begins…

October 6, 2019

But by far the most eyepopping event of the evening is now taking place in one of the adjoining bedrooms. As the mirrored door swings open every few minutes, a throng of naked bodies are revealed on the bed, taking part in what is a sexual free-for-all.

At one point a young woman comes out of the room and asks if there are any condoms around the place. ‘I was utterly stunned,’ says a fellow guest. ‘Every time the door opened you couldn’t help but notice what was going on.’

Indeed, most startling of all, one of the most eager participants of these fevered goings on is a woman who is a household name in Britain. She is having sex with a man who is neither husband nor regular partner.

‘She had taken her clothes off and was being quite shameless about it,’ says the stunned onlooker. ‘They were having sex on the bed and all around them were other people engaged in sexual activity.’

When she has taken her pleasure, she comes back into the living room and carries on chatting to other guests as though nothing out of the ordinary has happened.

Natalie Clarke
Kate’s Invitation to an orgy

desirable faces

October 6, 2019

Baby-smooth skin is capable of inciting desire; unsmooth, or contoured skin is not: is this because flatness is innately more titillating than texture, or because flatness signifies nothing at all and thus doesn’t interfere with our projections? In the same way, desirable faces must be blank, drained of colour; big eyes round and expressionless; hair blond or colourless; waists, hips, feet, and minds small. The physical makeup of the child has been translated into mainstream images of the sexually and materially alluring. […] We are told to look like children if we can and for as long as we can, to pine for that look.

James R. Kincaid
Erotic Innocence

it’s street religion

October 6, 2019

Voodou isn’t like that. It isn’t concerned with notions of salvation and transcendence. What it’s about is getting things done. You follow me? In out system, there are many gods, spirits. Part of one big family, with all the virtues, all the vices. There’s a ritual tradition of communal manifestation, understand? Voodou says, there’s a God, sure, Gran Met, but He’s big, too big and too far away to worry Himself if your ass is poor, or you can’t get laid. Come on, man, you know how this works, it’s street religion, came out of dirt poor places a million years ago. Voodou’s like the street. Some duster chops out your sister, you don’t go camp on the Yakuza’s doorstep, do you? No way. You go to somebody, though, who can get the thing done. Right?

William Gibson
Count Zero

We each of us have a history. There’s a reason we are what we are. We are not as we are because we wish it, but because something in the past has made us this way. And sometimes it’s impossible to change.