Celibate Mouthwash

November 14, 2019

God forbid! a girl admits she’s lonely.
But for a guy? — Oh, that’s so sexy.
God forbid! a woman’s never been with the same man
For more than 3 months
There must be something wrong —
Why has she been sitting on the shelf for so long?
Oh but for a guy, yeah, that’s just normal;
He’s a playa & playas wanna play.
She wants to play too, this little playette,
Oh but when she plays, they have a dirty word for it
— Slut! Shhh…
Now go rinse those lips out with celibate mouthwash.
God forbid! a woman is deemed weak for being
Emotionally vulnerable.
But when a guy is? —
Oh, he’s so sensitive.
These double standards make me want to vomit.
Oh, but god forbid! I’ve already gone through the
“eating disorder phase” —
Now I’m a head case.
There’s nothing I can do about it at the moment
‘Cept write this truth in verse
And lay back on my bed—hiking up my skirt —
Oh, and god forbid! I might even touch myself.

S J Goldner

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