preserved by women

December 2, 2019

We can remove the lazy habit of gender which creeps into our speech, and say that it is more likely that this symbolic language was created and preserved by women, that they possessed these ritual tools themselves. Witchcraft throbs with a lunar menstrual rhythm. When we look at the acts and tools of the craft: the doll, thread, knot, needle, loom, wheel, poison, plant, chant, hearth, fire, home, it is an inevitable conclusion that these are female mysteries and have been since the dawn of time. But the hunt and the rites of men are also presided over by this pre-eminent figure as Mistress of the Beasts, whom the sorcerer, or devil, is beneath, and these separate streams flow together in the sexual conjoining of the full moon Sabbat.

Peter Grey
Apocalyptic Witchcraft

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