Please Wear Proper Attire

December 12, 2019

I lost my virginity to a blue lake. I was trying to make love waterproof. Water is not the only tongue that can’t resist short skirts. We can avoid the circumstances of beauty until we stand next to a waterfall and realize it speaks in sentences. Milk cartons were built in response to clapboard houses on the sides of mountains. In the surrounding farmland, cows were bored. They nearly milked themselves. This is just another circular story. The house, the cow, the milk, the carton, the house. Just like the woman, the love, the future, the failure, the woman. The safety of raincoats is temporary. How many times have you fallen out of love outside of a bar in the rain? How many times has your raincoat saved you? I swore off men who carry symbols in their front pockets. I know the excuse My symbol hurts, not tonight & My symbol is running, I have to go catch it. Everything is tired of trying to become everything else. If electricity has anything to do with it, I’ll be a good wife and take the blender with me in the bathtub. The shape of the fire will depend on which one of us is turned on.

Meghan Privitello

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