The Grocery Store

April 2, 2020

I’m in a grocery store with a gorgeous girl
I say hello, and she says goodbye
I say hello again, and she says hi.

You call that a breakfast? I tease
staring at the pack of cigarettes and energy
drinks in her cart.

She says goodbye again, and I say hello
I say hi, and I ask her if she wants my number
while we’re waiting in line.

I’m in a grocery store with a gorgeous girl
who’s starting to get pissed off but she smiles
and I smile back, and she stares, and I say stop that.

She’s wearing a pink mickey mouse t-shirt
and I mention what a cool shirt she’s wearing
because I’m a big fan of people who like disney stuff.

You’re weird, she says it cold like the rain outside
and I say no I’m not raising the tray of eggs and syrup
and she says goodbye I’m not talking to you anymore.

I’m in a grocery store with a gorgeous girl
who’s really just my girlfriend who has a kink for
pretending that we’re strangers at the most random places.

She laughs, and I kiss her by the forehead
and I say hello, and she says goodbye
I say hello again, and she says hi.

Juansen Dizon

witches were burning

April 2, 2020

The witch-burnings didn’t take place during the Dark Ages as we commonly suppose. They occurred between the fifteenth and eighteenth centuries – precisely during and following the Renaissance, that glorious period when, as we are taught, ‘men’s’ minds were being freed from bleakness and superstition. While Michelangelo was sculpting and Shakespeare writing, witches were burning. The whole secular ‘Enlightenment,’ in fact, the male professions of doctor, lawyer, judge, artist, all rose from the ashes of destroyed women’s culture. Renaissance men were celebrating naked female beauty in their art, while women’s bodies were being tortured and burned by the hundreds of thousands all around them.

Monica Sjöö & Barbara Mor
The Great Cosmic Mother

I want to moan and writhe with you and I want to go up to you and kiss your mouth and pull you to me and say ‘I love you I love you I love you’ while stripping. I want you so bad it stings.

Bret Easton Ellis
The Rules of Attraction

Dunne looked gloomily out upon the sea. “So damned lonely…as lonely as death itself. Would she have come up here in the middle of the night to jump off into the roaring black surf? I don’t think she would have. Not at midnight. There’s something about midnight, something gruesome.”

D. B. Olsen
Something about Midnight

Her smile faded

April 2, 2020

Blanche turned her gaze upward to the ceiling and her lips twisted in a smile of wry amusement. Against a field of vivid blue an artful scattering of stars winked down at her dully. Her smile faded, and she let her eyes fall to the mantel and the framed photograph of the blank-faced girl who had once believed she could actually possess the sky and the stars and had ordered them fixed upon her ceiling. What a vain, profligate child that one had been. What a contemptible fraud, really. And hardly in a position to charge Jane with poor taste.

Henry Farrell
What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?