April 10, 2020

I desire to tell you the things I want to do:
To you
For you
With you
But they are so salacious the page will not abide the ink.


Rust-proof Nanny

April 10, 2020

“Nanny,” Charlie said, officially, tablet in hand. “Can I ask you something?”

Nanny walked over with gentle, calm steps. The helper’s feet left indentations in the carpet. Ae stopped six inches from the other side of the kitchen table. “Yes,” ae said.

“What do you like to do?” Charlie asked.

“I like to take care of you,” Nanny answered.

Charlie rolled her eyes. “What do you like to do besides that?”

Nanny tilted aes head to the side and smiled in that way that was just so heartwarming. “I like picking up your clothes, and vacuuming the rugs. I like making sandwiches—”

“No, not like that. I’m writing a report about you for school, so I need to know stuff about you.”

Nanny’s eyes narrowed a touch. “Interrupting is not nice,” ae said.


“A report for school sounds like a wonderful project. Perhaps you could write about your parents.”

Charlie shivered. “The assignment is to write about someone I admire, and I decided to write about you.”

“That is very nice, Charlie. Thank you.”

Charlie shifted on her stool. “So, just tell me some things about you.”

“I am a model 34AX Nanny helper, made by Dynamic Home, a division of Dynamic Assistants Corporation. I am constructed of carbon fibre, synthetic resin, titanium —”

Michael Robertson
Charlie Tries to Interview Her Nanny

make a beautiful mess

April 10, 2020

Your flushed cheeks. Like your face is on fire. Kissing you, your mouth, then gripping you – this is what we need, what we both need. How desperate I am to feel that warmth on my hand when you cum for me. My fingers teasing the head of your cock. I feel your body melting into mine. Hear your panting breaths. I feel you so desperately close with your tongue in my mouth and my hand jerking gently, relentlessly. Now cum for me and make a beautiful mess all over me…

Don French
Hard Love

bright yellow treasures

April 10, 2020

It’s that time of year when you glimpse daffodils like bright yellow treasures in the grassy borders of the lane; bluebells and buttercups are scattered at random between, and the hedgerows blaze with flaming wildflowers.


April 10, 2020

You would all be forgiven, boys & girls, for deciding this was an ideal time to go off into the forest, passing, perhaps, through some multi-dimensional portal and returning in a hundred years’ time as an entity with a blank-eyed stare and an ability to communicate with every creature living in the wild (including Big Foot and the Loch Ness Monster). And who knows, by the time you return the pubs might be open again?