His Love By: Sunset

April 23, 2020

He sits
All alone

For his love

Never would he guess
He would fall for him

A beautiful man
As bright as the sun

Like a flower
With no time to fade

Fluffy hair
Bouncing in the wind

What I wouldn’t do
To have him as mine

Over time they fell
Falling deeper as time went on

Finally ending
This romantic fairy tale

Sunset Meadows

If you ever woke in your dress at 4am ever
closed your legs to a man you loved opened
them for one you didn’t moved against
a pillow in the dark stood miserably on a beach
seaweed clinging to your ankles paid
good money for a bad haircut backed away
from a mirror that wanted to kill you bled
into the back seat for lack of a tampon
if you swam across a river under rain sang
using a dildo for a microphone stayed up
to watch the moon eat the sun entire
ripped out the stitches in your heart
because why not if you think nothing &
no one can / listen I love you joy is coming

Kim Addonizio

Access your person

April 23, 2020

I think I might well have a tremendous desire for you. What a thing to feel…I want to be with you. I want to access your person…you who move me in so many deep ways, new ones.

Gretchen Phillips letter to Ann Cvetkovich, November 5th, 1991,
Between us: a legacy of lesbian love letters
Kay Turner and Sheri Tornatore (Editors)

Over the past eight years, one thing that’s different (in my writing ritual) is that I take longer breaks. I’ll sometimes go months without writing, which is not something I used to do. I used to write every day. I still take a lot of notes, but I think I allow myself more time to be receptive to the world, as opposed to always worrying about saying something.

That has been really important to me. I don’t know why, exactly. I wish I could articulate that better. I just feel like I’m going through this stage where I spend more time gathering, instead of always trying to be like, “Okay, I’m going to crank out a poem a day.” I feel like it’s much more, I don’t want to say seasonal, but it feels like when the deluge comes, it really comes. And I’m ready for it.

Maybe a lot of that is also because I have built my life in such a way that I now have a little more space and time. I’m a freelancer and someone who works from home. Maybe I’m more comfortable with not writing, because when it does come, I can shut down and go, “Okay, I’m going to write every day.” I think it’s almost as if, as I’ve gotten older, my process is now a little bit messier and more unpredictable. And yet, I trust it a little more.

Ada Limón
On being a gateway drug for poetry
Conversation with T. Cole Rachel , 22nd October 2018


April 23, 2020

It won’t always be this way, boys & girls. One day the UFOs will return…