April 11, 2021

            Certain is that which is sought from runes,
            That the gods so great have made —  Odin’s Havamal (H.A. Bellows’ translation)

If I wrote in real runes, you’d understand
Why this poem couldn’t be. Staves are fine lines.
Secrets. Unrelenting. Each mark a brand
Of arcane meaning. Blood edged. Recombined.
Reconstructed. Telling fate if you dare;
Telling past if you wanted. Saxon sounds
From Norse staccato: Ing. Wynn. Nyd. Tyr. Jer.
Creation from gifts, and constraint from bounds.
Rune magic’s in the spelling. Make them words
And cast them. Make them curses, make runes be
Wishes, have them be carved in stones, in boards,
In bones. If I wrote them as they should be
This poem wouldn’t work. So, they are written
In English. Ink captured. Magic hidden.

Juleigh Howard-Hobson

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