Love Spell Number Two

November 23, 2021

If you love someone 
who has left you,
try this spell. 
You’ll need 
an entire bottle
of wine. 
Drink this 
out of a mug,
an extra large one,
which reads: 
I ❤ MY DOG.  
All good love spells
require libations 
to the goddess 
that is you.

Do this on the night
of the crescent moon. 
The moon, too, is
only a slim piece of herself. 
She mourns your loss 
with you.

But she, like you,
will either become whole
or reborn again

There will be 
other people.

The moon, like you,
is hungry.

There is another name 
for this spell.
It is “To Cure A Bad Habit.” 
Pull nine hairs
from your own head. 
Make sure this hurts,
but only a little.

Wrap the hairs 
around a nail. 
Hammer the nail 
into a wall. 

Your pain will
go away when 
the nail rusts
and your hairs
fall away. 

The hole will remain,
but, like a freckle,
you will forget
that it is there.  

Jessica Drake-Thomas

[This ‘Spell’ was inspired by “To Cure A Bad Habit” from The Good Spell Book: Love Charms, Magical Cures, and Other Practical Sorcery by Gillian Kemp]    

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