20th June

Long, hot night. Such intense darkness is the property of poets, madmen and lost lovers. Laying beside you reminds me of last summer, when we lay on the hot sand and the incoming tide cooled our naked bodies. I can still taste the salt on my fingers. Joined with you then, I became submerged in your wondrous depths and your body sang this song only I could hear.

I only exist beneath the tips of your slow moving fingers; the rest of my body is smoke,  lacking substance or form. Only where you touch me is there any true existence.

‘My religion is pleasure,’ you once said. Do you remember that? Then I proposed a toast to drowning mermaids and angels with broken wings. You laughed; Gabriella laughed too.

Gabriella desperately wanted you to love with her. She lay on her back with her legs spread and you handed her a red candle. ‘Pour the hot wax on yourself,’ you said. ‘On your breasts first, then on your belly.’

She did it for you, too. Her madness was equal to yours. She had lost herself in the chaos that is you. Suddenly she was sharing all the secrets and scars at the heart of your soul –


I love the twilight. That moment of melting colours before everything dissolves into darkness –


June 16, 2017

The ritual can be broken down into three simple parts: Cleanse, Consume, and Cease.

To Cleanse:

✨A shower is ideal.

✨Turn off the lights and open the window.

✨If it’s night time a few candles (in containers is safer but I’ve used tealights without issue)


✨Typical shower items

✨Freshly washed towel

✨Moody Music (I listened to Eivør and Faun and Omnia for this myself)

✨Red Yarn

✨While in the shower imagine your body is coated in a thick, black tar. Starting from your head peel (yes physically) the tar from the top of your head down.

✨The more you “struggle” the better I feel the results tend to be. Really tear at the stuff and work your way all the way down to your feet. Once the last bit is torn off and down the drain wash up really well. Pay attention to lather in especially sore or achey areas.

✨I focus in grounding and even on light trance work in the shower. If you are uncomfortable by this you can avoid it. I clear my mind and sit in the floor eventually working into a position where my forehead touches the floor (child’s pose).

✨After this it is important to get up slowly, I’ve gotten really dizzy from standing up too quickly in the shower before.

✨While I towel dry I dance around the bathroom, snuffing candles out until I’m left in silence and darkness.

✨At this point I do daily grooming things but pay attention to how. Lotion and toner is applied with thought and consideration. Slowly building up these methods of care as a means of replacing what was lost and washed away. Though, care, and energy is important when repairing after cleansing. If you like you can encorperate sigil work (amulet work/ talisman work to some) into this aspect of the ritual.

To Consume

✨Cook yourself some simple and yummy food. Don’t make anything too heavy but indulge in foods rich in color and that make you feel better.

✨Often I cook eggs, jams and breads, and honey covered cakes and things of that nature. Meat is also a good choice.

✨ Season with strong protection or warding foods such as garlic, honey, rosemary, thyme, salt, lemon and so on.

✨Settle down with something stimulating but also that you enjoy like a favorite song or book. Nourishing yourself is more than simply eating food.

✨If you fancy it a nice walk or a quick trip out is also a good method of clearing your mind.

To Cease:

✨Make up your bed and make sure you sleep with iron under or above the bed (I sleep with a throwing axe).

✨Before you go to sleep tie a red yarn around your neck (loose enough to not harm you but tight enough not to snag while you sleep).

✨Wear the yarn for the duration of the next day and at nightfall cut it off and burn it. Dispose of the ashes in running water or at a crossroads.

These steps have never failed me so I offer them to do with as you will. The thing with rituals is you must repeat them so this is something that requires monthly maintenance at the very least in order to remain effective.

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Rough sex

June 11, 2017

Everyone says they’re into rough sex. And I have to bite my tongue because nine times out of ten they’re talking about pulling hair, scratches, and biting. That’s not rough sex. That’s barely even foreplay.

Rough sex is getting shoved up against the wall, the skirt of your dress pulled up to your mouth then stuffed in to keep your whimpers hushed, the palm of their hand cups your cheek in mock compassion before it slams the side of your head into the wall just enough to make you dizzy. Rough sex is trusting your partner but they push limits that question if you should. Rough sex is being beat black and blue from your collar bone to your toes. Rough sex is true fear, wondering when or if you should use your safe word. Rough sex is the tears streaming down your face while choking on his dick. Rough sex is the busted lip because you forgot what number you were on when he brought down his belt on your thighs. Rough sex is the sadist and masochist coming happily together. Rough sex is the smile on your face when you sit down the next day and feel the pain shoot down your legs.

But if I say that openly in conversation, I’m the weird one?

Burnt out Bunny

Language used in spells is meant to express an emotional intent. It does not matter what words are actually used, provided that they express a high emotional level and a carefully defined intent. Do not be surprised if your Guide gets involved, showing or telling you a better way to do something. Some groups favour the use of old languages and archaic terminology. When they understand the emotion behind the words, that will work well for them, for they have put a great deal of effort into research and understanding of the words. But when participants just parrot incomprehensible phrases or read from a script to live out some fantasy, the spell fails.

When Solomon called down power, he used Hebrew names that we now regard as archaic; when he wrote on his pentacles, he used Hebrew letters. Solomon was a Hebrew. When Hebrew was replaced by Latin as the language of scholars, Solomon’s words were translated into Latin because that’s what learned people could read and write. The translation made Solomon’s work effective for those who could read and understand Latin. Today we use plain English if that is our native language.

We do not yet understand well the mechanics of communication, but records show many examples of (for instance) people under hypnosis being controlled by instructions in languages they had no knowledge of. In other words, somehow the mind translates messages into actions even though the words “ought” to be meaningless. In the same way, animals will respond to commands in many different languages even when the words sound different.

We believe this happens because commands, especially psychic commands, are expressed not in actual words, but in emotionally coded signals that trigger reactions in the deepest recesses of our minds. Thus, in doing magical work, you must transmit the emotionally coded signal, not some words that have little or no meaning in your reality. If you transmit gibberish, gibberish is what the receiver gets. When a person who speaks only English attempts to transmit thoughts in ancient Hebrew, he lowers his chances of establishing contact for two reasons:

1. He doesn’t key his mind correctly.
2. The receiver is unable to understand the transmission.

Contrast that with the example above where the words spoken to someone under hypnosis were in a language strange to that person, but where the thought transmitted was in English – the individual’s native language. It is also obvious that the repetition of a meaningless magical name is useless:

Stand. Face east In a loud voice repeat sixteen times, an ancient Hebrew word.

Instructions like this are common in magical texts. The pronunciation of the word is lost; the nearest we can come is “JHVH” or, in chanting, “Elelu.” Similarly you might find instructions like,

Kneel in a perfect circle. With the blade of your athome between your teeth, your wand in your right hand, and your white-handled sword in the left, think: “Tetragrammaton.”

Tetragrammaton literally means four-letter word. In occult circles it is taken to cover all the spellings of the names of God. Unfortunately, in the world at large a four-letter word has a somewhat different connotation. Witches prefer to think of the word God or Goddess, believing this thought results in better two-way understanding. It is easy to change the language of an incantation to your local language, though you need to retain the significance and the emotion of the original words.

Ancient ways are often useful guides, but in psychic work it has been our experience that we don’t know enough about them to make them fully effective.

Gavin & Yvonne Frost
The Witch’s Magical Handbook

• Cut an onion in half and set both halves on the windowsill in the kitchen. Empower to suck up negativity. Change when onion sprouts.
• Hang a pair of open scissors over the front door to cut off negativity from entering the house ( make sure the scissors are safely hung!)
• Put garlic under the bed to warn off nightmares.
• Scent your pillow with lavender to bring sweet dreams ( i do this daily and it works! it also makes me fall asleep faster.)
• Place holy water by the left side ( as you face it ) of the front door.
• Make a prayer monument built of small, round, white stones in one corner of your property. A small pile will do. Leave milk and honey for the spirits of the property and entreat their protection.
• Place a small bag of angelica, rosemary, and mint under the four eaves of the attic ( or on the four corners of your property.)
• To stave off a coming storm, stick a knife in the ground, blade pointing in the direction of the oncoming nasty weather to split the wind. Scream” I am the presence!” at the top of your lungs ,directed at the oncoming storm.
• Hang a cluster of acorns on the front door to protect the residence and those who live there.
• Place a full glass of water by your bed every night to collect any negativity in the room.          ( don’t drink it)

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Magic & Belief

June 9, 2017

It may be said that ritual is the very heart of magick. For it is through ritual that we achieve our magical results. Ritual is a magical procedure or ceremony we perform in order to change the environment. Usually we think of ritual as bearing on active magick, although certainly, it can also affect passive magick. Most often the change achieved is subjective and in the physical world. Outsiders may put them down to coincidence, but the effects are very real. Magical goals for a ritual should not be taken lightly. The successful practice of magick depends upon strong belief. The simplest ritual of them all must be belief itself. If you can believe in your desired results strongly enough, that act is a magical ritual which will achieve your results. Even a very complex ritual is no more effective than strong belief. There are aids to concentration which may help. Thus in “creative visualization”, imagination and controlled breathing are brought into play.

K Amber
The Basics of Magick

A Witch is a person who has mastered the ways of magick, and performs magick spells and rituals. They are usually very knowledgeable about herbs, gardening, gemstones, moon phases and divination. The word Witch means “wise woman”, but it should be noted that males are also referred as Witches too. Witches are usually very adept at various forms of divination, and know a great deal about the powers of herbs and gemstones. Witches are usually very good healers as well. It is said that Wiccan and Pagans can be Witches, but witches are not always Wiccans or Pagans. The first thing you have to understand that Witchcraft “is” a craft, and like any craft, it takes a lot of study, and practice before you can become proficient at it. In any Coven, it is traditional that a person must do extensive study, and practice, for a year and a day, before they can even refer to themselves as a Witch. It’s a good idea for the countless number of solitary ‘would be’ Witches, to follow this rule as well. On the day you finish your year & a half of study is when you choose whether whatever path you’re on is right for you. If it is, a ritual called “The Initiation” is done in which you pledge yourself to follow that path, after which you can refer to yourself as a Witch or Wiccan, Celtic etc. A solitary Witch in training can easily design their own ritual, when the time comes, as they have studied and practiced enough to know how to properly perform spells and rituals.

The path of the Witch

To practice Mental Projection, you must be physically fit and mentally sound. Your mind must be in a state of peace and relaxation. Your mind must be free of tension and worries and your body should be in good health, especially your heart. You do not have to wait for truly advance magickal growth in order to start travelling mentally. The only thing, as said before, is that your magickal development will limit those places that you can visit. As you continue to travel and grow magickally so will the places that you can visit grow in clarity, beauty, and magick. The “how-to” of Mental Projection is not that difficult. You must enter your Magician’s Study and extinguish all light in the room. The room should be in almost total darkness. Then, you should be seated or lying down in a very comfortable and relaxed manner. You must place the Magician’s Night Pillar around yourself and begin Night Breathing. You must achieve a very relaxed and calm state of body and mind. Once you have reached this state, you are ready to take flight with your mind. In Mental Projection, unlike Night Projection, you are not going to project a body in which your consciousness is going to travel. In Mental Projection, only your consciousness is going to be projected forth. Remember, your Mental Body is your consciousness. In Night Projection, you projected forth your Astral Body from your physical body, and in that Astral Body you placed your consciousness. In Mental Projection, all visual and emotional sensation will center around the forehead of your physical body. It is from here, that you will project your formless Mental energies or consciousness.

Phillip D Williams
The book of night magic

You need a black candle and to make a small doll (out of plasticine) of the one you wish to curse, along with a snip of their hair or nail clippings.

Light the candle and recite the following:

May you get your period one day early
May you misplace your keys when you’re running late
May you toss and turn through the night
May you forget something important that you were about to say
May you feel like you have to fart but shit instead
May bad luck be with you from this day on

Hold the doll in the candle flame and blacken it. Recite the curse again, then bury the doll in a safe place.

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The humble “Stinging Nettle” (Urtica dioica) is a plant with wonderful benefits. Rich in iron, nettle is great for those who may need to build this up in their system. It also has diuretic properties, too, helping with urinary tract issues and water retention. Of course the nettles should be cooked and consumed to reap theses benefits – added to food or made into nettle tea, a favourite drink of mine.

The “Stinging Nettle” also has uses in BDSM role play, as a scourge, a punishment for the poorly behaved submissive. A good bunch of nettles harvested and packed into the underwear of your Sub, produces immediate and obvious results*. One word of warning, when gathering and using your nettles, do please wear gloves, boys & girls.

*Always best to test first on a small area of skin to make sure there’s no allergic reaction.