my other rule

November 11, 2019

Though my rule for this poem
is honesty, my other rule is Fuck You.

Alice Notley

I absolutely love the idea of teasing a boy with a paintbrush.

Nothing large. I imagine the size of a Chinese calligraphy brush, with the natural bristles tapering to an elegant point. Conditioned so they’re impossibly soft to the touch, then dipped in the finest, silkiest oil.

After trussing him up to prevent any wandering hands, I approach him: his naked skin already trembling for my touch.

With the brush, I’d paint patterns. Circles. Caressing the contours of him. Lingering on the most sensitive places with feather-light pressure. For I’m Michelangelo, and he’s my Sistine Chapel. He might even sing for me like the angels.

Never enough to push him over.

Just enough to keep him in absolute rapture.

By the end of it, he’d know he’s my masterpiece.

Gentle FemDom

sacrificial lamb

November 9, 2019

Once every month he visited the woman who wore a carapace of black rubber and a face-mask. She had a room in her house that she’d transformed years ago into a torture chamber. It was in there she did what she did to him, the things so desperately required to replenish his emptiness. Tied to a solid wooden cross, a sacrificial lamb, his head full of silence broken by the sound of her spikey high heels on the wooden floorboards as she circled him, dragging her shadow behind her like a vast, unappreciated weight. He was all appetite. Soon he’d be filled to overflowing with pain. She laughed and he glimpsed Armageddon in her eyes – So his ordeal began.

invisible worlds

October 31, 2019

The visible and invisible worlds are inextricably intertwined…once you’ve opened your eyes to this, you can dance between them.

Alberto Villoldo
One Spirit Medicine: Ancient ways to ultimate wellness

Well, this Blog has its own nurse and we can send round our Miss Take to sort you out in next to no time!


don’t hurt anybody

October 25, 2019

Witch is just a religion, okay? No baby-sacrificing, no Black Masses, no sending imps out to scare the dog-snot out of kids, trying to make them think they’re crazy. We don’t do things like that. Our number-one law is ‘Have fun in this lifetime, but don’t hurt anybody.

Nice little paraphrase of “An it harm none, do as ye will” if I do say so myself.

Mercedes Lackey
Jinx High

eyes like balls of fire

October 22, 2019

‘This,’ said he, ‘I plucked from the beak of a raven feeding on a murderer’s brains! This is the mad dog’s foam! These the spurgings of a dead man’s eyes, gathered since the rising of the evening star! This is a screech-owl’s egg! This a single drop of black blood, squeezed from the heart of a sweltered toad! This, an adder’s tongue! And here, ten grains of the gray moss that grew upon a skull which had lain in the charnel-house three hundred years! What! Not yet?’ And his eyes seemed like balls of fire as he cast them upwards. ‘Not yet? I call ye once! I call ye twice! Dare ye deny me! Nay, then, as I call ye thrice, I’ll wound mine arm, and as it drops, I’ll breathe a spell shall cleave the ground and drag you here!’

William Mudford
The Forsaken Of God

keep you in bondage

October 13, 2019

I’d like to take you home with me and keep you in bondage for the weekend.

I like rough sex

October 13, 2019

You ask me why?

My answer, for what it’s worth, is why not? I like rough sex. Not all the time, but on occasion. I like to be dominated and taken. Sex for me isn’t just the physical, biological function, but something almost spiritual. I like to explore my boundaries, stretch them – sometimes almost to breaking. I like to seek new levels of sensual pleasure. Cum hard and a lot. And, yes, I can be provocative: a sultry bitch with a one-track mind, at times. So what?

Lindsey Q
Dark Matters