Peedeel Confesses

December 1, 2018

Okay, I admit it: I’m partial to a few French fries.

What the hell –

I’d eat a mountain of French fries if the opportunity ever arises. I really am a sludge-gulper and don’t care.

An interesting new soup

August 30, 2018

red wine and chocolate

July 22, 2018

She loves red wine and chocolate, and feeling your fingers on her skin as you kiss her neck, then her breasts, then between her legs. That always makes her happy. Afterwards you make her hot chocolate her favourite way: with a good measure of brandy. And every day should be this way…

Another Sunday –

May 13, 2018

For Witches

April 28, 2018

An Incontrovertible Truth

April 19, 2018

How do you like your eggs in the morning?
I like mine with a kiss
Boiled or fried?
I’m satisfied as long as I get my kiss –

From the film “Rich, Young And Pretty” (1951)
(Nicholas Brodszky / Sammy Cahn)

Understanding each other without speaking. Wonderful.

Four or five pints on a Friday night in the company of good friends is eminently satisfying –

I love moments of silent submission –

Her apple breasts 
Beneath her vest
Will taste the best

He’s sure…

The natural flow of wetness
He hopes to taste once more…

I love doughnuts –

And pizza –

Oh! and chocolate – food of the Gods! Ambrosia! Conferring immortality! Carried to us by clouds of doves –

I love bringing people together –

My love of Merlot is almost legendary. The amount I consume puts Dionysus to shame. It is the elixir of life –

Go bring to me a pint o wine,
And fill it in a silver tassie;
That I may drink, before I go,
A service to my bonie lassie…

Robbie Burns loved a drink too, eh?

Coffee, too, is essential for continued wellbeing.

I love people who daydream and talk to themselves; I love them because they are here, and yet elsewhere –

the sea licks the thighs of the earth
and the earth surrenders
in utter pleasure…