sad, narrow streets

January 16, 2018

A London street

Sickening errors, democratically arrived at of course, lay either side of the road as I drove west out of London. Blocks of semi-abandoned streets made dead ends of effort where people who had tried to start something – anything – had been crushed by the dull triumphant logic of the state…In further sad, narrow streets…lay ruined three-storey houses that the council neither had the money to restore, nor corruption interest in pulling down. These were all dark – the power, the water cut off in them, life itself cut off there at this wrong end of winter. Yet life still did cling on in them, I knew. Uncivilized, mad life; these rank buildings that had housed self-respecting families once were now occupied by squatters of any kind – the desperate last fugitives of a beaten, abandoned army, their dignity, rights and occupations gone (or never known), their hope gone, tomorrow gone.

Derek Raymond
How the Dead Live

Rather Naughty…

January 14, 2018

eat you alive

January 14, 2018

I’m going to eat you alive, she said, but I’ll save the best bit for last…

Sunday morning reading

January 14, 2018

Her broad full bottom

January 14, 2018

Love bowling

January 14, 2018

you hold a large knife

January 11, 2018

a man with knife

There is a woman on the sidewalk below, across the street. She is young and fit, dressed in a dark business suit and black heels. The woman stops on a corner, at the mouth of a narrow side street, which is hidden from the sun by the height of the surrounding buildings and full of shadows. The woman is focused on her phone, texting or searching for a trendy restaurant. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that she is distracted.

You see yourself stepping out from the shadows, one hand covering her mouth as you pull her back into the alley. You feel the heat of her breath against your palm as you muffle her attempted scream. In your other hand you hold a large knife, a chef’s knife. The same type of knife Michael Myers used in Halloween and the psycho used in Psycho. The same knife you use to chop onions and slice fresh bread and cut and slice and slit. Your face is flushed. Your heart races. The woman presses against you as she struggles. But she is helpless, and you feel so completely alive.

Kevin McNeil
The Ghost of you lingers

it can border on disgust

January 9, 2018

Suehiro Maruo

To me (Horror) is the genre of unease. It makes me feel really uneasy and it gives me kind of a creepy feeling. It can border on wanting to look away, it can border on disgust – but that’s a type of horror.

Horror can be any genre. There’s science fiction horror, there’s dark fantasy that’s really really dark, there can be mysteries that converge on horror. It depends on how far you want to go down the path of darkness. Science fiction is about the future, but horror can be about any period of time. As Doug Winter said, it’s your emotional response to the material. So I think it’s in the perception of the reader if something is horror or not.

In my mind, I subconsciously create a separation between dark fantasy and horror as I’m reading. I’ll think, “I’m not going to take this for the Best of the Year because I really like it but the story just isn’t quite dark enough for my purposes.” It’s a question of degree—my personal reaction to the material. I’m deep into working on my Best of the Year, so I’m reading a lot right now and as I read something I constantly judge the material – not just “do I like it” or “is it a good story” but “is it dark enough for me and my readers?” Is it hitting the buttons that makes me squirm and think, “ooh this is really creepy?” Is it making me uncomfortable?

That’s why I loved editing the horror half of The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror. Even though I didn’t choose the fantasy half, to me the choices were all on a continuum: fantasy, dark fantasy, and horror. High fantasy or light fantasy versus horror are separated in a sense, or joined, by dark fantasy, which is perhaps the gray area between white and black. To me horror is extremely dark in feeling, in how it makes the reader react.

Ellen Datlow
Interview with E C Myers, January 2013 for Nightmare Magazine

Kinky Facts

January 7, 2018

I can be a sadist
I can be a slut
I enjoy a bit of pain
I’m often filled with lust

I want to be the Top
and to be topped too
I’d love to tie you up
or to be tied by you

Push the right button
and I’ll be your subby
or grant to me control
I may lock you in the cubby

Stick me full of needles
or I’ll put some in you
zap me with electricity
I may pass the current through

Whip me, flog me, spank me
I too can you impact
I’m happy to do whatever
and that’s a kinky fact

I can be anything for anyone
pretty much more or less
it all depends on circumstance
and on what you confess

So let’s stop prevaricating
and get on with the fun
let me know where and when
and which way round you run

Cynthia Pauline Jones