Witchcraft is not safe

February 25, 2018


Witchcraft is not neoPagan goddess worship, it is not secular weather worship, it is not tree-hugging, and it is not New Age fuckery. Witchcraft is not safe. Witchcraft is not good and kind. Witchcraft is the domain of the trickster, the outcast, the wanderer, and the crooked. It belongs to those who know every light casts a shadow; who have looked into the depths of darkness in their soul and accepted what they’ve seen along with all that is good. Witchcraft requires cunning, manipulation, self-awareness, adaptable morals, and a dash of madness. Witchcraft is sharp pins pierced into a waxen image of an enemy, a lover’s hair plaited with one’s own, a Saturnine root harvested at midnight, blood spilled for hungry spirits, magical pacts made with daemons, a handful of dried henbane leaves burned and inhaled to talk to shades, an ancient incantation sung to become a wild hare, and witchcraft is sabbat wine imbibed while dancing wildly, intoxicated in the woods on Walpurgisnacht.

Sarah Anne Lawless
For Fear of Flying

between male and female

February 25, 2018

And if you wish to see the reality of this mystery, then you should see the wonderful representation of the intercourse that takes place between male and female.

Coptic version of the Hermetic Asclepius

The way Magic works

February 25, 2018

The whole power of Magic is founded on Eros. The way Magic works is to bring things together through their inherent similarity.

Marsilio Ficino
De Amore


February 24, 2018

diabolic abyss

February 23, 2018

The Devil is the border of possibility, and the witch has for his or her playground the whole of manifestation from the solar pole to the diabolic abyss of the otherworld.

Nicolaj de Mattos Frisvold
Craft of the Untamed

A Mount Erice

Significantly, Trapani is located directly beneath the legendary Mount Erice, one of the most sacred spots in the Mediterranean. In antiquity, Erice was famous for its magnificent temple, situated on a perilous cliff, where, in succession, the Phoenicians worshiped Astarte, the Greeks Aphrodite, and the Romans Venus. This temple stood for over a thousand years and a sacred fire always burnt from its enclosure, so brightly that sailors used it as a guiding beacon. It was here that the Priestesses of Venus served the Goddess with their bodies through the art of ‘sacred prostitution’, a spiritual practice that included the celebration of the sacred marriage rite.

Tiziana Stupia
Goddesses of Love, Sex & Death in Sicily

an imaginary mirage

February 22, 2018

Love is one of the great instruments of magical power, but it is categorically forbidden to the Magus, at least as an invocation or passion. Woe to the Samson of Kabbalah if he permits himself to be put asleep by Delilah! . . . Sexual love is ever an illusion, for it is the result of an imaginary mirage.

Eliphas Lévi
Transcendental Magic

the very heart of darkness

February 22, 2018

We descended into the cave, accompanied by the cooing of doves that nested there, to be met by a huge cavern with a large rock formation resembling a giantess. Behind her a rough path descended to the second level with another stalagmite, sometimes identified as the Cretan Goddess Vritomatis. A slithering over rocks brought us to the third level, where the light from the entrance had all but disappeared, and we gazed into a large black hole that was the entrance to the fourth and final level, the very heart of darkness itself. We began to softly chant:

Ancient Mother, I hear you calling;
Ancient Mother, I feel your womb;
Ancient Mother, I love your darkness;
Ancient Mother, I am reborn.

– and our voices echoed back to us from the Cave of the Mother.

Cheryl Straffon
From Sacred Cave to Mountain Shrine

destroy it first…?

February 20, 2018

A witch is, actually, a successful (in the sense of surviving) deviant. You have a cultural, ideological, social, what-not pattern which is, for that society in question, normal (and, importantly, this is understood as a synonym for natural). Most people survive because they conform to these patterns, because they behave normally. …But then suddenly you get a deviant which survives, and since it does not draw its support from the normal pattern…that deviant is understood as drawing its support from “unknown,” “supernatural” sources…If we cannot survive without our order, how can she [the witch] survive in solitude? Hers must be indeed a very powerful order to exist so independently, without all the inter cooperation and individual compromise which we have to go through to survive. And if it is so powerful, then it could destroy us. We must try to destroy it first.

Maya Deren
Notebook of Maya Deren”, October 1947

a vehicle of their will

February 18, 2018

witch - Charles Wysocki

In the west country belief we believe that the spittle of the witch is a vehicle of their will and power, and thus their magical influence. The very act of spitting within the traditional practices of the country witch is to impart their will imbued power and influence…. Likewise is the witch’s breath a potent conveyor and vehicular vessel of power and spirit force, to which the body of the witch has by arte been made host, and those potencies, virtues and spirits conjured within the rites and magical work of the practitioner, may in pure focus of will and intent be imparted and issue forth upon such things such as places, charms, parts of the body and magical likenesses skillfully crafted by the witch’s hand.

Gemma Gary
The Black Toad