moon baths

September 7, 2019

At sixteen, Sabina took moon baths, first of all, because everyone else took sunbaths, and second, she admitted, because she had been told it was dangerous.

Anaïs Nin
A Spy in the House of Love

There are books which we read early in life, which sink into our consciousness and seem to disappear without leaving a trace. And then one day we find, in some summing up of our life and our attitudes towards experience, that their influence has been enormous.

Anais Nin
On Truth and Reality
In favour of the Sensitive Man

Concentrate on sex

April 28, 2019

Today I received a telephone call. A voice said, ‘It is fine. But leave out the poetry and descriptions of anything but sex. Concentrate on sex.’

Anais Nin
Delta of Venus

mad inside

April 7, 2019

I am very near to madness. I imagine my isolation, and I go mad inside, a delirium of doubts and fears.

Anaïs Nin

Nearer the Moon: The Previously Unpublished Unexpurgated Diary 1937-1939


February 26, 2019

In me, something is broken. I try over and over again to understand what happened.

Anaïs Nin
Nearer the Moon: The Previously Unpublished Unexpurgated Diary, 1937-1939

drives me mad

February 10, 2019

…when I think of how you press against me, how eagerly you open your legs and how wet you are, God, it drives me mad to think what you would be like when everything falls away.

Henry Miller
Letter to Anaïs Nin on March 11, 1932

her mouth shone red

November 4, 2018

Her mouth was so inviting, so swollen, as if for kissing…Her dark hair was all over the pillow, a dark pillow, all around her. Even in the candlelight her mouth shone red, and it was half open like a flame.

Anaïs Nin
Life in Provincetown

ecstasies of writing

August 25, 2018

I yearn for the ecstasies of writing, reading, music, philosophy, contemplation; I yearn for that room I saw through an open window, lined with books, suspended over life, where nothing ever turns to dregs, where landings are not crash landings.

Anaïs Nin
Diary of Anaïs Nin: Vol. 1, 1931-1934

lay naked

August 18, 2018

But then she had always preferred the night to the day. Moonlight fell directly over her bed in the summer. She lay naked in it for hours before falling asleep, wondering what its rays would do to her skin, her hair, her eyes, and then deeper, to her feelings.

Anaïs Nin
A Spy In The House Of Love

crumble into silver dust

August 16, 2018

Very startling — pixie-like, otherworldly — small, finely-built, dark hair — large eyes — her speech is overprecise — she shines and polishes each syllable with the very tip of her tongue — one feels that if one were to touch her, she would crumble into silver dust.

Susan Sontag,
(Description of Anaïs Nin)
As Consciousness is Harnessed to Flesh: Journals and Notebooks 1964-1980