tight little hole

January 13, 2017

Paul Proett: Fetish Illustration

One word from me and she spreads her arse wide. She knows from past experience there’ll be no hesitation on my part. I’ll force two fingers in that tight little hole, and stretch it open – then in and out with them faster and faster, ‘till she begs me to stop! She is mine, and willingly sacrifices herself to my darkest desires…

Claude Gannon
Chaires amies
Trans. Peedeel


While cleanliness is not the most glamorous of topics, it’s an important one that all pegging princesses and their partners will do well to understand ahead of time. No one wants an embarrassing situation, and, as I’ve said before, pegging is not for the faint of heart…but there are obvious advantages to cleaning up before you begin.

Preparing in Advance

Let’s face it men…if you’re asking me to fuck you in the ass, you should be willing to clean it first. Fair’s fair. These tips also apply to solo anal play if you want to keep things tidy.

Some good news! A full enema is not necessary before anal play or pegging, in fact, a full enema in which water is injected into the lower bowel by way of your rectum can unnecessarily irritate your system and cause prolonged discomfort.

So no full enema, what then?

In my experience, the best and fastest way to cleanup ahead of time is by using an anal bulb syringe, which you can find at any drugstore or chemist and several online retailers including Amazon. The bulb syringe serves to clean the rectum but skips the lower bowel. In most common pegging or anal experiences the rectum is the only part of your system your pegging princess’ girl cock will reach, and therefore, cleaning the chute alone will suffice. From my experience, you can clean yourself in minutes ahead of your experience with little effort, fanfare, or trouble.

Basic hygiene.

Don’t forget to wash your hands before and after and to take care – your bum is sensitive! Feel free to wear gloves if you feel uncertain about the “situation” with your ass. Washing your ass in a nice hot shower is appreciated, however, some of you might be sensitive to harsher soaps, so try to keep it mild and free of scents. Please do not spray Axe body spray on your ass before your pegging experience, some of us like to eat ass and don’t want a mouth full of harsh chemicals.

A word about manscaping.

I can only speak for myself but I don’t care if your asshole is shaved or not. I will lick, fuck, and love your asshole as long as it’s clean. Some pegging princesses feel differently, so be kind and enquire ahead of time for optimum pegging pleasure. I will say that shaving your nether regions, in general, has been discouraged by some medical and sex professionals as shaving can cause cuts and irritation or infection can occur. Use your discretion.

Fantasy versus reality.

Pegging fantasy and reality are different, so don’t take things so seriously. Also, what we talk about in fantasy is not always safe or a good idea. When I write erotica I rarely talk about proper lubrication, but it’s necessary. Ass to mouth sounds amazing, but is it really safe? Probably not. Rimming…safe? Again, probably not. Doesn’t mean I don’t do it and love it, but just understand the risks and precautions to take.

Cleanliness During the Pegging Experience.

Everyone has to be comfortable with the possibility of a little mess at times. It doesn’t bother me in the least, and as I’ve said in previous posts, I keep a wet cloth with me at all times during the pegging experience to keep things tidy.

General rules.

1) Always use safe, non-toxic toys, of those available my favourite is 100% silicone because it can be boiled for sanitation.
2) Always use condoms on the dildo.
3) I do not share toys from one partner to another…every partner has their own.
4) I prefer to always have toy cleaner with me in my pegging bag of holding, which I use along with soap and water immediately after pegging. I like Swiss Navy® Toy and Body Cleaner. I also use the spray cleaner to do a quick spray wash down of my harness, which I clean thoroughly later.
5) Depending on your experience and your body, it’s never a bad idea to lay a towel or extra sheet down if you are in doubt of a potential mess. This provides easier bed to clothes washer clean up.

A special word to pegging princesses.

I take great care and pride in providing the best pegging experience to my partner. For me, part of that responsibility is staying clean, safe, and minimizing any potential embarrassment for my partner. This routine is simple but meaningful to me, you will no doubt find your own:
1) as a general rule I strip the dildo of its condom and dispose of it before he ever sees it because if there is to be a small mess, it would be on the tip of the condom;
2) I wipe the dildo off with the wet rag; and
3) I hit the bathroom with my pegging bag of holding ASAP and make my personal cleanup quick so he, in turn, can cleanup.

My orgasm comes after we’ve both cleaned up in most cases. As I’ve said before, I have no problem delaying my own orgasm for my partner’s when I’m pegging. Every woman is different and will want different things, but I personally like to orgasm after my partner has finished and is reduced to puddles. My favourite way to orgasm after pegging is to pull out, clean up a bit, give him a minute to compose himself, and then lay next to him and masturbate while he sucks my nipples or just plays with them softly with his hands. Usually he is so exhausted he can’t really do much, and that’s okay with me. For whatever reason, I find it a huge turn on to make him cum hard and then take my pleasure and orgasm into my own hands right next to him.

Milking and gloves.

As for me, I wash my hands before, after, and as frequently as I deem necessary. I also sometimes use a glove when fingering an ass, but some men consider that sort of clinical and feel it ruins the mood. I have no preference or care, though when milking, I do like to use a glove, but that’s maybe the kink in me that finds milking a turn on when it actually feels a little “clinical.”

Well, that’s all the time and space we have for today. It’s been fun sharing with you! As always, stay safe kinksters and have fun out there!

xoxo Kate

Disclaimer: I am neither a licensed physician nor counsellor and the following is a discussion solely based on my personal observations and experiences as a pegging princess (not to be misconstrued as authoritative advice). Everyone’s bodies, circumstances, experiences, and relationships are different. Further, prostate care is serious business. Ladies, treat with care and men, find a medical professional you trust and be honest when necessary about what you stick in your ass.

Kate the pegging princess.