I’m female, and masturbate every single night. Even when i’m on my period. My fantasies are always of me, being a male, and being pegged by another guy. I get off on the idea of anal so much.

I tried masturbating anally with the end of my hairbrush, and i orgasmed within a minute…i’m ashamed of my fantasies. But one day i’ll ask my boyfriend to do me the way I’ve imagined, for the better part of 2 years ongoing.

I think this desire to be fucked in the ass derives from me admiring gay couples. Normally its so pure and beautiful. The fact that someone can abandon their gender and love the same sex melts my heart. I love seeing men kiss and touch each other.

I should have been born a man to experience my fantasies correctly. But since i’m not, i guess this fantasy will never 100% come true. Sad to be honest.

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May 7, 2017

7th May

Sandra, Sandy, blond and randy. If you recall while still attending school she became a ‘fashion model’: so tall and beautiful on the catwalk, she was. At the time it seemed the only qualification required in the modeling game (beside good looks) was the ability to upchuck everything she’d ever eaten in her life. All the other girls, too, were enthusiastic users of suppositories. They didn’t realise that with hardly any food inside them they wouldn’t poo anymore. Roughage was carbohydrate and to be avoided at all costs. Diverticulitis was a fact of life.

One evening with red headed Claire, I replaced the gentle action of her Dulcolax with slow thrusts of my cock. ‘OMG,’ she said. ‘It’s like pooping backwards…’

That may have been the case but it did relive her constipation, eventually, didn’t it? And yes, in that act, she lost her final and only remaining virginity. Although it might have felt as if she were using her butthole as an overstuffed handbag, it got the job done, which is all that matters at the end of the day, isn’t it?

But with Sandra, my Sandy, I loved the smell, taste, and texture of her excited vulva. I really did. I’d go downtown on her at every opportunity. Often I felt myself enclosed by white light emanating from her, from between spread legs; and this light, her light filling me with pure positive energy.


On the moor near Minions are three interconnected bronze age stone circles. This site was obviously used for religious ritual and ceremony, details of which are now lost to us. The location is significant. These stone circles lay near two converging rivers, thus placing them where travelers and traders would meet. Such positioning is not uncommon for such circles. The surrounding moorland is dotted with ancient remains: cists, standing stones, barrows. Often, standing with my hands on one of these stones, I experience an emanation of pure white light much as I felt radiating from Sandy all those years ago. Eyes closed, I bask in this luminosity; feel myself overflowing with positive energy. It is the most wonderful feeling. To touch these stones is to step back in time. To become aware of the remarkably numinous quality of the location.

wriggling my bum…

October 23, 2016


Will fucked into his love’s bottom with fury, and seemed to spend almost at the same time, and so exhaustively that he must have fallen backwards had he not clung round Rube’s neck.

We were not idle whilst this exciting scene was enacted under our eyes. James instinctively wetted the head of his prick and my bum-hole with spittle, and soon drove his great machine through the narrowest gate of Paradise. Its movements were indeed heavenly, blissful. I never before felt such an acme of pleasure, the sight before me, the soul stirring movements behind, and our mutual emissions almost made me groan in an agony of delight.

A perfect frenzy of lust seemed to take possession of my body, I could see His Lordship’s prick was now finely erect, and the two boys were alternately kissing and sucking him.

Whispering my paramour to follow me, I quickly rushed from our concealment into the room where they were. As the door was not locked and before they could recover from their surprise, I threw myself on my back, on His Lordship’s belly, almost taking the breath out of him by my sudden weight on his stomach, regardless of his “Damned Hellish Bitch” and other exclamations of displeasure. I fixed his stiff prick in my bottom-hole in triumph, nipping and squeezing, and wriggling my bum about on him as James with his tool in an awfully excited and distended state took possession of my hot raging cunt.

The boys seemed to quite understand my ideas, as they each of them knelt and presented their pricks for me to fondle, whilst Crim-Con, still cursing and swearing at me for a “Damned Hellish Bitch, &c.” groaned under our weight, but I could feel he was thoroughly enjoying it, as his prick stiffened more and more every moment, under the delightful movements and pressures to which I treated him; besides, the membrane between his prick and James’s was so slight that it was almost like two cocks rubbing together in my cunt.

I frigged the boys till their eyes almost started from their heads from excess of emotion, they spent over the firm round globes of my bosom, but I still kept them stiff, alternately kissing the head of one or the other prick whilst Crim-Con’s hands tickled their balls, and frigged their arseholes till we made them nearly mad…

Lady Pokingham, or they all do it
The Pearl volume eleven


My first Lesbian Anal – another true confession!

My first anal experience was with a woman who was also my first “lesbian lover”.

We ended up living together because after my divorce I couldn’t afford my house any longer. She was a wonderful lover, too, so much better than my ex. She was very experienced with anal sex both with guys and girls. We had used toys with each other frequently, but only vaginally. One night she told me she wanted me to fuck her ass with a dildo. It surprised me, but I was willing to do whatever she wanted me to do. I ended up doing a double penetration on her with 2 dildos. She had an outrageous orgasm from that.

Afterward as we laid together, she asked me about anal. I told her I never had, and had not even had any anal stimulation before. She asked if I was interested, and I said that if I could have orgasms like she had earlier, I would try it.

The next morning as we lay in bed, she asked if I was ready to try. I said sure, and she promised to be slow and gentle. She went down on me and with her talented tongue brought me to an climax. While she was doing that, she had begun rubbing some of my juices on my rosebud, pressing inward. When I came, she was able to easily push a finger into my ass. I was astounded by the sensation. It hurt a tiny bit, but it also felt so bizarre I wasn’t sure what to think. She was tongue fucking me and as her saliva and my cum ran downward toward my ass, she began slowly thrusting her finger into me.

By now the feeling was wonderful. It allowed me to cum again really quickly. She then suggested we try something more since I was good with her finger. She got a slim dildo from our drawer of toys, as well as a bottle of lube. She told me to roll over and get on my knees to make it easier. She squirted some lube on my ass, and began pushing the head of the dildo into my asshole. It didn’t take much for my hole to open and let the dildo slide in. I couldn’t believe the feeling! It was such an unusual fullness. She began slowly sliding it in and out, and she suggested I play with my cunt. As I became more aroused, she began thrusting more quickly and deeper into my ass. It was incredible, and in only a few minutes I came again, with such force my entire body shook. I fell forward on the bed, and she crawled up beside me and we kissed. Once I was a bit calmed down and had caught my breath, she then slowly pulled the dildo out of my ass.

I have to say I loved the experience. We continue to have anal with each other pretty regularly, and I really enjoy it…


from behind

First time I tried, the guy like just put a finger up and the shock made me cry it huuuurt. Then with lots of lube there was some success in getting in, but yeah it hurt so so so much.

Eventually I was seeing this guy for a bit and I dunno we sexually just clicked and he was kinda fiddling around there and I just got the urge, he understood and no pain, not even lube, and it was amazing. Like I dunno I guess I was relaxed but it felt good in a whole other way. Like maybe the taboo was what made it sexy and dirty….But ahhh I have always loved doggy.

Its not meant to be enjoyable for chicks coz we don’t have a prostate but fuck that shit try everything once hey.

I’ve never had an orgasm (by myself or with anyone) so this wasn’t an exception. Can girls come from anal alone? It seems unlikely…

Cindy Grey’s Book of True Sex Confessions

about anal sex…

June 7, 2016


You want to know about anal sex? It’s like trying to have a poo backwards. Repeatedly. So not nice. Not nice at all…

True Confessions


It was she made me acquainted with love. She went by the peaceful name of Ruth I think, but I can’t say for certain. Perhaps the name was Edith. She had a hole between her legs, oh not the bunghole I had always imagined, but a slit, and in this I put, or rather she put, my so-called virile member, not without difficulty, and I toiled and moiled until I discharged or gave up trying or was begged by her to stop. A mug’s game in my opinion and tiring on top of that, in the long run. But I lent myself to it with a good enough grace, knowing it was love, for she had told me so. She bent over the couch, because of her rheumatism, and in I went from behind. It was the only position she could bear, because of her lumbago. It seemed all right to me, for I had seen dogs, and I was astonished when she confided that you could go about it differently. I wonder what she meant exactly. Perhaps after all she put me in her rectum. A matter of complete indifference to me, I needn’t tell you. But is it true love, in the rectum? That’s what bothers me sometimes. Have I never known true love, after all? She too was an eminently flat woman and she moved with short stiff steps, leaning on an ebony stick. Perhaps she too was a man, yet another of them. But in that case surely our testicles would have collided, while we writhed. Perhaps she held hers tight in her hand, on purpose to avoid it. She favoured voluminous tempestuous shifts and petticoats and other undergarments whose names I forget. They welled up all frothing and swishing and then, congress achieved, broke over us in slow cascades. And all I could see was her taut yellow nape which every now and then I set my teeth in, forgetting I had none, such is the power of instinct. We met in a rubbish dump, unlike any other, and yet they are all alike, rubbish dumps. I don’t know what she was doing there. I was limply poking about in the garbage saying probably, for at that age I must still have been capable of general ideas, This is life. She had no time to lose, I had nothing to lose, I would have made love with a goat, to know what love was. She had a dainty flat, no, not dainty, it made you want to lie down in a corner and never get up again. I liked it. It was full of dainty furniture, under our desperate strokes the couch moved forward on its castors, the whole place fell about our ears, it was pandemonium. Our commerce was not without tenderness, with trembling hands she cut my toe-nails and I rubbed her rump with winter cream. This idyll was of short duration. Poor Edith, I hastened her end perhaps. Anyway it was she who started it, in the rubbish dump, when she laid her hand upon my fly. More precisely, I was bent double over a heap of muck, in the hope of finding something to disgust me forever with eating, when she, undertaking me from behind, thrust her stick between my legs and began to titillate my privates. She gave me money after each session, to me who would have consented to know love, and probe it to the bottom, without charge. But she was an idealist. I would have preferred it seems to me an orifice less arid and roomy, that would have given me a higher opinion of love it seems to me. However. Twixt finger and thumb tis heaven in comparison. But love is no doubt above such contingencies. And not when you are comfortable, but when your frantic member casts about for a rubbing-place, and the unction of a little mucous membrane, and meeting with none does not beat in retreat, but retains its tumefaction, it is then no doubt that true love comes to pass, and wings away, high above the tight fit and the loose.

Samuel Beckett

The Beckett Trilogy: Molloy, Malone Dies, The Unnamable

What happened to Saturday…?

November 29, 2015


Friday night was party night. Christmas celebrations for the non-celibate. The venue: a country house, labyrinthine in its complexity, once home to the Little Sisters of Mercy. This convent house took in fallen women back in the day, girls aged between twelve and forty years old, placed in the care of the nuns by local magistrates. Here they served two years in the convent’s steamy laundry. And learnt the benefits of hard toil in the formation of character. And gave their lady-parts a well deserved rest. In the early nineteen thirties the order, greatly diminished in size by then, finally abandoned the convent and the house became the property of the affluent Tee family.

The great hall, all vaulted ceilings, clerestory windows, with this single rose window at one end, had more than its fair share of pillars, pilasters and arched doorways – medieval in appearance: mock gothic. Long tables set for the many diners, draped in white lace clothes. Eight courses of food, commencing with canapés: pear, camembert and prosciutto wraps, king prawns with sweet chilli sauce…I had the beetroot and goat’s cheese cups, and a wonderful mushroom vol-au-vent.

Strong drink flowed. Wine by the goblet, white, red and rosé. Raucous conversation, flushed faces. Like Lordes and Ladyes of some bygone era. Caroline Tee explained in her plumy voice how she once enacted her favorite fantasy in this hall – she took the part of a nun in training, a novice in pure white habit, tied down across a make-shift alter and then systematically fucked in every orifice by five young men who “slaved” away at their task for most of the day.

‘Paid them an ABSOLUTE fortune.’

‘You are soooo shocking Caro, so dissolute…’ Regina declared. She looked twenty-one-or-two years old, but was mother to five children. It was only on closer inspection you noticed the faint lines around eyes and mouth and realised she must be mid-to-late thirties. ‘It’s hard to know if we should take you seriously or not.’

Donald Tee, Caroline’s husband, is a plump homosexual. It’s possible he fathered one of Caro’s three children…the others, necessary heirs to the Tee estate one and all, were the result of Caro’s love trysts, simple and complex. Don sat beside a pretty young man who had long flowing golden locks, his latest love interest. The boy wore a snug-fitting Dolce & Gabbana shirt and tight black slacks. Full of the Christmas spirit, the pair of them. Smiles and toasting each other in prosecco.

After the food, music. Swaying bodies. Semi-transparent blouses, clinging lycra. Laughter and kisses. More and more intoxicated. A tongue in my mouth, a fall of blonde hair. A plump woman, forty-something, wearing a long black evening dress. Her lips were dry.

Another woman in a lace and mesh teddy, her dress thrown off, abandoned, waving this massive dildo as thick as a man’s arm in the air.

My fleshy Amazonian cheered her on. Up close her huge cleavage smelled of mandarin body butter. ‘Remember the promise you made me,’ she said.

Other women shed their dresses along with their inhibitions. Corsets, lacy basques. Silk stockings. Laser lights and disco music. A nubile young thing in floral lace body stocking, her boyfriend nude, erect. Both laughing.

I’m being guided away from the hall. Up two flights of stairs. A large bedroom. Night pressing on the lattice windows. She strips off the evening dress, exposes a black lace body- shaper and matching bra.

‘Your promise,’ she repeated, pushing me back on the bed. For a minute she was all hands. My trousers were unfastened, tugged down to my knees, my shirt unbuttoned. Throwing back her head, she kneeled either side of my face. Monumental white thighs. Broad backside encased in black lace.

Her fingers conjured magic between her legs: opened the gusset of her body-shaper. Thick curling hair, fleshy lips. My Amazon dreamed of being trapped by cannibals. She began a new dance, and I was smothered in musky damp flesh.

My head started to swim. My tongue was sandstone thick, lapping deeply. We had arrived at bare essentials. Drowning in pussy juice. So much ferocity in her, this big beautiful woman. This earth mother. Who ripped at my cock each time she came so profusely in my mouth.

Later, outside, I inhaled deeply cold fresh air. It had stopped raining but was very windy. Scudding cloud backlit by the moon. I’d washed my face and mouth, and brushed my teeth back in my own room. But I could still “taste” my curvy facesitter. My cannibal loving nemeses.

Another dumpy woman pulled me to her. She tossed aside her cigarette. Kissed my mouth and neck. One large tit pushed up from of the cup of her bra, hung pendulously out of her red dress. Big dark nipple fed to me roughly. In the corridor upstairs, half-undressed, I kissed breasts, belly and buttocks. She had crushed glass eyes. Big and white and lascivious. Somewhere in her centre she spontaneously combusted.

In the hall, more wine. Bodies together in spotless geometries of passion. Caroline Tee smiling in my face. Broad front teeth made her look a little horsey. ‘I’ve had nine cocks up me so far,’ she said. Dishes on the tables overflowing with condoms. The dance floor was sticky underfoot – spilled drink and spunk puddled on the boards. White hands unzipping my fly. A woman old enough to be my granny, but attractive nevertheless, led me by the cock back to her lair. I glanced over my shoulder at Caro, nude and naughty.

Kissing ribs, a nipple. A depilated cunt. When she came I thought she was having somekind of fit. I told myself repeatedly the dizziness would fade. In the hall Caro called me to her. I had no clothes, they were strewn around the house. Caro was astride a male (who?) riding his cock. ‘Put yours up my bum,’ she hissed. ‘I can’t,’ I said. ‘Not ready yet.’ I had just emptied myself in dear granny Weatherall’s greedy cunt.

She scowled at me. ‘Lick it out then. Do something. I’m almost there.’

Lowering my face, I watched her skinny arse chasing his balls. I pushed forward, breaking off to ask, ‘Okay?’

‘For Godsake, LICK it!’

Night inevitably became day. Sleepless, I found myself surrounded by cardboard ghosts. Ghost hands touching my cock, my balls. Lips brushed mine. A slender finger went into me, lubricating.

Fragmented memories survive: The terrifying softness of curvy bodies. Imprint of too tight underwear on pale naked flesh. Huge eyes. A tongue in my ear. A woman squatting above my face in the shower. The smell of her hair as I came up her.

‘Lay back,’ she said. ‘I need to pee again – ’

And then her quick shallow breathing as I licked her out afterwards…

Late Saturday afternoon my cab arrived. Clothing earlier recovered, I made my fond farewells to our hosts. My body felt bruised and battered. My shrunken cock was burning like a piece of raw fish that had been liberally dipped in thick piri-piri. I had slept not one wink.

Caro kissed me gently on the lips. I gazed from her thin neck to her warm blue eyes. ‘We’re thinking of doing it again for New Year’s Eve,’ she said.


‘You up for it?’

‘I s’pose,’ I said. ‘I should have recovered by then…’

Duarte Vitoria

We met Toni and Jim three or four years ago at a local BDSM munch. Last year Toni expressed a desire to participate in a gangbang.

‘They’re a bitch to organise,’ Dee explained to her. ‘You set one up with ten guys, but only three guys turn up, the rest develop cold feet and blow you out. It’s a nightmare.’

‘Why not attend one of the greedy girl night’s at Unit 18,’ I suggested. ‘They allow single guys entry. Get half-a-dozen or so off in one of the playrooms and let nature take its course.’

‘I love gangbangs,’ Dee said. ‘I used to do them regularly – but nothing recently.’ She frowned at me, the villain of this particular piece, apparently; abruptly, and without prior warning, I was denier of this pleasurable sensation: the experience of nights propped on pillows, hours sweating, skin eaten thin by countless strange mouths.

‘I love having lots of men touch me while others stand round watching,’ she continued after a momentary pause (for effect, I s’pose). ‘Being surrounded by stiff cocks is incredible. Overwhelming. The adrenaline rush trips you out.’

‘Yeah, and I know Jim’s got this fantasy about watching me take it from all directions. Haven’t you, dear?’

‘So what’s a “Greedy Girl” night?’ Jim asked. ‘How’s it different from a gangbang?’

‘At a gangbang all the guys get to fuck the girl,’ I said. ‘She’s expected to lay back and take what comes. At Greedy Girl events there’ll be some women who are looking to have a number of guys and there will be many more guys than women. Perhaps, six or seven to one, if you’re lucky. The usual club rules apply. You can watch, play, or not, whatever suits. And if one guy takes your fancy, you don’t have to invite the whole crowd to join in.’

‘I get it.’ Jim nodded thoughtfully. ‘Sounds more civilised than a Gangbang, yeah?’

‘Slightly more, yes.’

Toni in her early forties is a great affectionardo of spanking and loves to role play the “naughty schoolgirl” for Jim and, on occasion, for us. She’s a switch who’s game to try anything once. At various times I have paddled or canned her bare backside, while Jim looked on. She’s short but plumpish with heavy breasts and curvy bum. Attractive, vivacious, intelligent. And very into kink and restraint.

We’d been role playing with them for about two years when Toni first mentioned her desire to cuckold Jim. Apparently this was his big thing. Seeing his wife used and abused. Then being abused himself by the male while Toni gave instructions.

While we’d all been in various states of undress during our role playing scenarios, we’d never had sex together. This was something new for us. It was finally agreed that Dee and I would take turns to sexually “use” Toni on our lounge floor in front of Jim. He’d be restrained and naked while this occurred. Once we’d finished with Toni, she’d guide my cock into Jim’s waiting mouth and he’d suck me to completion.

And that’s exactly what happened. More or less. Except when they arrived on that cold Saturday afternoon in November, Jim had been totally feminised – beneath his cream raincoat, he wore a slinky black midi dress, heels and stockings; slight of build, now totally scrubbed and depilated, wearing an expensive auburn wig and exquisitely made-up, Jim really looked the part. Little miss Syn, Toni called him.

I fucked Toni seven times while Jim, restrained, wearing silk and lace and a pink plastic cock cage, looked on. His cock kept trying to stiffen but the cage prevented it. Strings of Precum dribbled from it. Toni kept up this diatribe of how good my cock felt, what it was like to have a “real” man up her for a change, how many times she climaxed over it, all for Jim’s benefit.

Dee wearing a strap-on mounted Toni who, laying back across my body, slid my cock into her arse. Impaled up to my balls, she writhed between us. The fleshy filling to our sandwich. And yes, I shot my load into her beautiful broad bum –

The “grand finale” consisted of Jim, Little miss Syn, face down and arse up while Dee ruthlessly thrust that strap-on up his arse. She was expert in the way she used it. After two or three minutes of rapid thrusting, he ejaculated, his poor inflamed cock still limp and trapped in the cage.

‘There she blows,’ Toni enthusiastically yelled, as ribbons of spunk dripped from her hubby’s cage. ‘That’s the way he should always cum – with a cock in his bum. I should make him my cock-sucking little bitch. What do you think?’

‘I think we should do this again sometime,’ Dee said.

And we have, seven times to date. And “Little miss Syn” has learnt to deep throat with ease –

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Love when we have anal sex anytime my body can handle it. That is my favorite orgasm ever! But sometimes, I beg for it and force myself to deal with the pain. I do this when I am constipated and need a little “push”!

Like last night….It sooooooooo took care of the problem and I thank you for it! I will never tell you that I do this!

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