My love for you is unconditional. Arse size has nothing to do with it – although that said, I take great pleasure in tugging down those short shorts, so tight they turn inside out as I do so. Bending you forward slightly, I’m able to practice my analingus technique, hoping one day I’ll finally achieve perfection. Your bum deserves that much at the very least…

It was at this point, she said:

“Don’t just kiss me, darling – suck the soul from my body!”

So I did…


November 18, 2018

Analingus can certainly bring you closer together – but good personal hygiene is essential! Do please ensure you brush your teeth BEFORE commencing this most intimate of acts!

Robert Crum - Snatch Comics


‘What I need now is your mouth to make out with my arsehole, Sweetie. You clean me out, yeah. Get that lovely tongue in nice and deep…’

I watched in silence as Alison knelt down and used the sofa to support the top half of her body. Reaching behind with both hands, she spread herself wide. Michael went down on all fours, his face buried between the cheeks of her bum.

‘Get that tongue working,’ she ordered. ‘Right up me – that’s it, that’s the way.’

Shelly stood over her hubby as he licked out Alison. Her expression was eager as she turned to me.

‘I want you to fuck him now,’ she said. ‘Make him take it hard and fast.’

Rolling on a condom, I took up a kneeling position behind Michael. I felt him tense as my cock went into him…he was already well lubricated. I went in until I felt my balls crushed against his arsehole.

‘Hard and fast,’ Shelly repeated, her face very flushed now.

I did as instructed, of course. I was fairly certain Shelly would soon give in and feel compelled to masturbate while watching me fuck her hubby’s tight behind.

‘Faster,’ she cried. ‘Fuck the little tart…show him what his arse is really for.’

I heard Michael grunt as the utter violence of my movements tipped him over the edge. His own ridged cock, untouched, spurted strings of thick white cum over the carpet. He continued to munch on Alison’s arse even as he was shooting.

‘Oh, you dirty little bitch,’ his wife cried in delight.

A brutal frenzy drove the four of us that afternoon. Three mouths fought over my cock and balls. I pushed apart shapely female legs wet with cum and saliva. I fingered and licked two swamp-like cunts, and Alison brutally churned Shelly’s cunt while sucking my cock. Michael wanked himself off at one point, and then his wife made him take my cock in his mouth.

‘Swallow it all down,’ she ordered, her voice shrill as I came; her eyes had become huge with unrestrained pleasure. ‘Every drop, you little slut…’

Is this you?

Is this you?