The Passion by ryoung

We were naked and ravenous when she shrieked out, ‘Harder!’ The seconds ticking remorselessly round the clockface towards midnight. A new day, and new year. Thrusting together, our mutual greed now an infinite beast. Both uttering these strange sounds, spontaneous, not chosen.


Fireworks on the television screen, the London eye glimpsed through a blaze of stars.

Abruptly weightless, deep in her interior darkness. Each flaming spurt of my cock caused her to cry out. Curse words. Filth, spilling from her potty mouth. Nailed in place by my fiery root, now relentless – and she so terribly physical with her teeth and claws and that look on her contorted face, as if she were about to give birth or absorb me into her body.

Then melting, gently touching. Light kisses on eyes, lips, hair. And her voice that moments before had shrieked out, ‘Fuck me harder you bastard’, now whispered, ‘Happy new year, darling…’