October 5, 2010

I thought I’d post a couple of photos here from my recent trip to Austria.

Above is Saalbach where we stayed. There are over 249 miles of walking trails open up in and around the valley during the summer (in winter there’s 124 miles of prepared pistes for snowboarders and skiers).

Above is Hallstatt where we eat, drank and made merry…the first time Peedeel has been barred from an entire village (he,he,he..) which goes to show there are always firsts regardless of age and experience!


One of the most beautiful cities in Austria, Salzburg offers lovely, tranquil squares, medieval lanes, gothic churches and quaint cafés. But, oh, it was hot, hot, hot when we were there…we had to keep on drinking for our health’s sake.

Mozart’s house (like a damned oven inside). Mozart, of course,  didn’t like Salzburg…unlike Peedeel who loved it!

Austria & Islam

February 26, 2009

Austria has its problems, too. See here.

Will we ever learn to live in peace together? Unlikely when fanatics of every creed believe only their God is the correct one – not only that but they want to jam it down everyone else’s throat!

So share another moment of nostalgia with me and Ultravox here.