Two's company

The famous courtesan Clarimonde died recently, as the result of an orgy which lasted eight days and eight nights. It was something infernally magnificent. They revived the abominations of the feasts of Belshazzar and Cleopatra. Great God! what an age this is in which we live! The guests were served by swarthy slaves speaking an unknown tongue, who to my mind had every appearance of veritable demons; the livery of the meanest among them might have served as a gala-costume for an emperor. There have always been current some very strange stories concerning this Clarimonde, and all her lovers have come to a miserable or a violent end. It has been said that she was a ghoul, a female vampire; but I believe that she was Beelzebub in person.

Théophile Gautier
Trans. Peedeel

Demons from hell

December 9, 2015


During the later fifteenth and early sixteenth century, it was believed that each demon of hell had more influence during a particular month of the year. Consequently people born during those months could easily be influenced by the power of that particular demon. The list of months and corresponding demons follows below:

Belial in January

Leviathan in February

Satan in March

Belphegor in April

Lucifer in May

Berith in June

Beelzebub in July

Astaroth in August

Thammuz in September

Baal in October

Asmodai in November

Moloch in December