don’t hurt anybody

October 25, 2019

Witch is just a religion, okay? No baby-sacrificing, no Black Masses, no sending imps out to scare the dog-snot out of kids, trying to make them think they’re crazy. We don’t do things like that. Our number-one law is ‘Have fun in this lifetime, but don’t hurt anybody.

Nice little paraphrase of “An it harm none, do as ye will” if I do say so myself.

Mercedes Lackey
Jinx High

The living altar

March 1, 2015


The pattern never varied. No matter what, they gathered in that secret place at the same time, thirty minutes before midnight, in their flowing black robes and hoods. Beforehand, S paced and smoked nervously outside. He knew what was to come.

Finally, when the others arrived and the studio lights blazed, S discarded his half-smoked cigar. He watched as the girl was manhandled up the stairs. He felt swimmy-headed with lust.

The studio contained no furnishings at all. Candles burning in long, fine sculpted, golden holders provided the only illumination, the main lights having been turned off by now. One large oval bowl in the centre of the room gave off a sweet grey-white smoke. Aromatic incense that seemed to increase and deepen perception.

The girl, Dolly, glassy-eyed, probably drugged, was forced to her hands and knees. She was naked. Four robed figures held her in place. She was to be the altar…

S had early learned that an altar once sanctified existed part in the real world, and part in the world of spirit. As the coven assembled and the words were spoken, Dolly became a whimpering creature partly of shadow.

At a gesture from the Master, S took place of honour kneeling behind her. He raised his robes. Taking hold of her narrow hips, and pulled her against his hardness…felt faint resistance, then thrust violently into her.

She cried out…

S knew she’d be glimpsing things in the spirit world. Half her consciousness was there, after all; to the untrained and uninitiated, madness could result from such an experience.

He was raping her body – and her mind, too. He was going to ruin her…

Chanting voices around them both. S recognised the Master’s voice reciting a spell of protection over and over again. The room felt colder…The candle flames flickered as if from a sudden draught.

One of the four holding the girl, a woman known as Elgiva to the coven, turned her head towards S and said, ‘We’re under attack…!’

He didn’t believe it; didn’t care. He wanted to destroy this scrawny creature. He heard in his head the girl’s offhand comments to him last week…She would pay…Was paying, now!

He increased the tempo of his thrusts. He heard her cries and her voice pleading hysterically as if from a great distance. He pinched her breasts while biting her back and neck like a wild animal. He felt his climax building as a living fire inside himself – his heart was beating so fast he believed it would explode in his chest at any moment!

And when he finally came, it went on and on

Never ending

Until the darkness…