Lovers come and go

December 4, 2019

I read that, compared to men, women are lousy at math. Who needs math anyway? Women just need each other and that adds up to more than enough. A good relationship doesn’t carry exact change —someone always gets the short end. You can have Brad and I’ll take Angelina. I’m sure she has a wicked tongue to go with those luscious lips. Yeah, to hell with math.

Salinas, California is a shithole. Its only claim to fame is that it’s the birthplace of that misogynist bastard, Steinbeck. He wouldn’t recognize the place now — gang-infested, shitty schools. They call it the Salad Bowl because of all the vegetables grown there. It’s a bowl of something, that’s for sure. Anyway, every fibre in my body wants to live in the Bay area — but I live in Salinas. I manage a women’s clothing store at the mall and that’s where I met Marci. She manages an Orange Julius at the food court.

Before the breakup, Marci and I shared a tiny apartment. Lovers come and go — variety is the spice, yet I have to admit when Marci left, it fucked me up. I brought her out. She was easy to be with, smart, pretty, and she quickly learned all my favourite tricks. Anyway, it’s hard to live an alternative lifestyle in a shithole like Salinas. Dykes hardly ever come out here. You just sort of stay in and hope nobody finds out.

Ty Spencer Vossler
Ruby Tuesday