Goodbye Kinky Wednesday…

October 3, 2015


Terresa is well educated, ambitious and accomplished. However, her attempts at conventional relationships with men or women over the years have proved less than successful. Consequently, she’s gone for the casual, “now you see it, now you don’t” type of encounter, gender unimportant.

In her business life she’s assertive, even opinionated. She’s in charge of a department of thirty other individuals in a sales environment, and is seen as a company “go getter”.

In her private life, she’s discovered pleasure in relinquishing control. She gets great satisfaction from submitting, being hogtied, suffering mild pain – by spanking or caning, this administered by either male or female Dom, it really doesn’t matter to her – and being penetrated in a wide variety of ways, by a wide variety of objects, including male cocks, the bigger the better. As far as Terresa’s concerned, size DOES matter!

She’s learned she likes humiliation. It’s been a revelation to her, for sure, but even being inundated with pee has become acceptable to her – especially when others witness her humiliation, her degradation. Recently, in a well known coastal resort, she attended a “scene” where she was repeatedly penetrated with a huge dildo, caned, then forced to drink the pee of five other people, three males and two females. This while being watched by an invited audience of thirty kinksters.

At the end of the scene Terresa was in an almost ecstatic state. She’d taken one step beyond, and overloaded on pleasure. She’d shed what few inhibitions she still had, like shedding her dirty underwear. It took almost an hour for her to “come down” again, return to a “normal” state.

Things she thought she’d never do, she now actively encourages. Including allowing three strangers to sodomise her on a small makeshift stage, and a housewife and grandmother to fist her while a small crowd of males surrounded her, masturbating to completion over her face and breasts.

But still, obviously, she has her limits. Body modification is a big ‘No, No’ with her! Tats are out, too, as are any marks or bruising that would be visible to the general public. These scenes are only a small part of her life. They are private and she is very discrete. Very careful. She keeps her private life well away from her public persona.

We’ve known her three or four years now. We’ve observed how her “boundaries” have expanded over that period of time. Unlike me, she can’t switch, she’s a sub, end of story. She could no more dominate another person, than she could fly unassisted or strike a safety match on a kids redcurrant party jelly.

Again, unlike me, she has a fascination with blood. Needles, pins and blades. Although any slight bloodletting must take place on her body normally concealed by clothing.

I find the whole concept abhorrent – which she knows and accepts. Sharp knives scare me, I make no bones about It – and I talk as a man who once suffered multiple stab wounds in a brawl outside a Paris bordello, a subject which Terresa finds fascinating. Simulating rape, is one thing. Simulating it with a knife or open razor in your hand, is way out of line in my little black book.

Anyhow, I digress. Wednesday evening Terresa joined Dee, Gabriella and myself for a few fun-filled hours. It gave Gabby, more often Sub than Dom, a chance to dominate completely an attractive young woman, subjecting her to a range of humiliations and mild punishments before Dee took over.

Dee played the bitch from hell. She forced Terresa to drink a jug of pee and fucked her hard with a massive strap-on dildo before taking a riding crop to the soft curves of her inner thighs.

Finally, while Dee and Gabby held Terresa down by her wrists, her arse swaying invitingly in the air, I bum-fucked her like there was no tomorrow…no yesterday, either, come to that. Her eyes were almost bulging out of her head with each fresh thrust.

Later we sat around almost ghostlike after our excesses. We eat hot buttered crumpets, a stack of them, washed down with creamy hot chocolate. We were all naked or semi-naked – Terresa has these magnificent, upthrust, pouting tits. I just love ‘em. She has a piercing in her bellybutton, too, and a hairless pudenda.

‘We should do this again,’ she said.

‘Good idea,’ Dee said. ‘When?’

‘I need to check my diary. But early next month…?’

‘Fine with me,’ I said.

‘And with me,’ Gabriella agreed. ‘Why don’t we make it a Friday or Saturday next time? You could stay over. Make it an all nighter!’

While the women finalised their arrangements, I went to the kitchen to toast more crumpets. I wondered would anyone be sharing my bed on that Friday or Saturday? Or would the three women get by tangled in each other’s arms in the guest room bed? It was a king-size, after all.

We said our goodbyes around midnight. I didn’t kiss Terresa on the mouth, knowing what she’d drunk from the jug earlier in the evening. Instead I kissed her check.

‘It feels as if you’re still up me,’ she confided. ‘Someone could park their car in there.’

‘You’ll recover.’

Sure, no worries. I’ve got a few weeks before you do that to me again…’

We stood on the drive and waved as she departed in her little red car; she acknowledged this with her own waving, her hand out the open window, until she turned onto the lane.

‘I’m for bed,’ said Dee.

‘I’ll join you, I think,’ Gabriella said.

‘Goodnight ladies,’ I said. ‘Goodnight sweet ladies.’