talking into possibility

December 1, 2018

Poetry is for me one form of conversation. It is a way of talking back and talking into things —talking back and talking into memory, and ancestry; talking into the geographies I inhabit and the family I am part of; talking back at calamity and experience; talking into relationship, talking back and talking into the languages that have shaped my understanding of the world I live in; talking back and talking into history; talking into possibility and into hope.

Darrel Bourque
(Authors’ Preface) Call and Response: Conversations in Verse
Jack B. Bedell and Darrell Bourque

what the storyteller does

September 20, 2018

path and mist

I believe strongly that what we do as poets is but a variant of what the musician does, what the historian does, what the storyteller does, what the painter and what the sculptor does and what film makers do. My work as a poet relies on interdependence. I write in solitude but my work is not solitary. I am partner at one time with painters in whose work I see poems, in other times with composers’ work in which I hear the lines of poems, even in critical pieces containing the language of poetry.

Darrel Bourque
Call and Response: Conversations in Verse