choose the form of a cat

October 29, 2017

cat alert

FAMILIARS: Familiars like to live in a small box of earth, a dusty pouch, or pocket. Are fed on milk, blood and bread. On Birthdays, they should be given a small crumb of the Host. Are often toads, but almost never frogs. Most often choose the form of cat or bird in preference to smaller creatures such as mice, rats, bugs, lice, which are susceptible to the careless handling of pesticides. Are inheritable.

Barbara Ninde Byfield
The Glass Harmonica: A Lexicon of the Fantastical


June 9, 2017

He was a dent in a bed,
Its impression like handprints in kneaded dough,
Still warm where life seeped into it,
He was nibbled butter, softened by stolen sunlight,
He was drowsily half-closed eyes,
And light that spills from windows like warm honey,
He was an engine,
Wheezing to life on a frosty day,
He was a tumbleweed of hair,
Sighing as it glides,
He was an extra cushion,
A sagging sofa,
A prince.

Emily Reader

Oh dear…

February 25, 2017


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November 21, 2016



August 10, 2016


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November 10, 2015


Good Morning…

November 9, 2015