“I meant,” said Ipslore bitterly, “what is there in this world that truly makes living worthwhile?”

Death thought about it.

“CATS,” he said eventually. “CATS ARE NICE.”

Terry Pratchett

all sorts of cats

May 10, 2018


Dear –

Do you like cats? I never asked you. There are all sorts of cats: elegant, sinuous cats, clunky, heavybreathing cats, skinny, desperate cats, meatloafshaped cats, waddling, dumb cats, big slobs of cats who step heavily and groan whenever they try to fit themselves (and they never do fit) under something or in between something or past something. I’m allergic to all of them. You’d think they’d know it.

Joanna Russ
The Dirty Little Girl

Sunday morning lay in

February 18, 2018

The most beautiful things to do are those without any other purpose than the provision of sensual pleasure. This includes Sunday morning cuddles with the cats.


January 14, 2018


I like cats as far as creatures go. I like almost any animal that does not have horns or scales on it for that matter, but I especially like cats. Any sort and denomination: spotted or solid, fat or thin, with and without fleas. I like them and admire them and almost anything they do is a pleasure to me.

The way they can walk around the rim of a bathtub, for instance, without falling in and the way they can get comfortable in any old place. There is nothing better than a cat looking out from behind a pot of geraniums on a windowsill or walking slowly down a country road of a summer evening. There is something at once comforting and disquieting about a cat which makes him attractive.

They are wonderful when they stick their noses cautiously into a hole and then back out again, and when they flatten down their ears the tops of their heads look like giant bumblebees. Also they have marvellous feet. When a cat puts his paw on the head of a half eaten fish it is at once delicate and dainty and fierce and when he retracts his claws again he is most beautifully innocent like firearms in a shop window or a pin-cushion with no pins in it.

Pati Hill


June 20, 2017

Oh, yes

December 9, 2016


Yes, yes…

August 23, 2016


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April 28, 2016


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September 25, 2015


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August 10, 2015