Another Sunday –

May 13, 2018

An Incontrovertible Truth

April 19, 2018

Understanding each other without speaking. Wonderful.

Four or five pints on a Friday night in the company of good friends is eminently satisfying –

I love moments of silent submission –

Her apple breasts 
Beneath her vest
Will taste the best

He’s sure…

The natural flow of wetness
He hopes to taste once more…

I love doughnuts –

And pizza –

Oh! and chocolate – food of the Gods! Ambrosia! Conferring immortality! Carried to us by clouds of doves –

I love bringing people together –

My love of Merlot is almost legendary. The amount I consume puts Dionysus to shame. It is the elixir of life –

Go bring to me a pint o wine,
And fill it in a silver tassie;
That I may drink, before I go,
A service to my bonie lassie…

Robbie Burns loved a drink too, eh?

Coffee, too, is essential for continued wellbeing.

I love people who daydream and talk to themselves; I love them because they are here, and yet elsewhere –

the sea licks the thighs of the earth
and the earth surrenders
in utter pleasure…

This says it all…

January 12, 2018


December 23, 2017

the invisible met by chance

December 8, 2016


Diary 8th December

Morning: a time for coffee and doughnuts; kisses and cuddles…and some cool jazz sounds. Oh, yeah. Heaven.


So, there’s this rich businessman, a factory worker, and a recent immigrant sitting at a table together. In front of them is this plate of twelve yummy cream chocolate cakes. The rich businessman grabs eleven of them straight off and says to the factory worker, ‘Watch out, that feckin’ immigrant is trying to steal your cake…


Out on the moor there’s one place that’s not clear on the maps. Even Ordinance Survey have it wrong. It’s a place the locals know – and avoid at all cost. There is a sunken lane nearby, but it is a road to nowhere. Everything out there grows stunted in the incessant grey rain. Bones scattered all around: sheep bones, mainly; skulls, ribcages. And, of course, the woman is there…

She may ask you to dance, humming your favourite song in the strangest of ways. Her kisses are colder than death, though. Really, you should not go near her – or her home on the moor. If you do, well, then you’ll become one more lost soul in that damned place.

Have a nice day.


October 6, 2016


Sunday Morning…

June 5, 2016

wake up2