Riddled with guilt

December 31, 2019

eating my pussy

October 20, 2019

I like to think of my hubby’s ex-gf when he is eating my pussy. I imagine that it is her licking it & I like to think that I am fucking her face.

Dirty Little Secrets

A little shocking

August 4, 2018

Reader, hear my confession: I’m writing an unchaste novel. It’s a little shocking, even to me. In my previous books I’ve mostly written about sex by means of the space break. One reviewer claimed I’d written the shortest sex scene in the English language. I know the scene he meant; the action turns when one character notices a cellophane crackle in the other’s shirt pocket and declares that if he has a condom in there, this is her lucky day. The scene then proceeds, in its entirety:

He did. It was. (Space break!)

Barbara Kingsolver
A Forbidden Territory Familiar To All

torn asunder by torture

July 23, 2017

In another little town not far from here, when a poor woman who had been imprisoned on suspicion of maleficium could not be induced by any torture to confess to some crime, a priest approached her with coaxing words, urging that she not allow herself any longer to be thus torn asunder by torture. She should just confess quietly to some failing, and he promised that would purify her from maleficium with holy water, and that he would restore her to God as good as new. Thus prompted by the priest and deceived by his blandishments, she admitted that she had perchance perpetrated some evils of this nature. She hoped that in this way she would escape as the priest had persuaded her. But on the grounds of such a confession, falsely and cunningly obtained by coaxing, she was sentenced to be sacrificed to Vulcan’s fires. Hearing the unexpected sentence, the poor woman admonished the unhearing judges: “See how you are killing me.”

Johann Weyer
De praestigiis daemonum


June 7, 2017

Last night I had a baby in my dream,
its feet were webbed together.

My baby’s legs were shaped
like the bottom of a ripe banana.

Fruit flesh is slimy, slipped
entirely, out of me. As if

it were a mistake or something
unexpected. I am trying

to tell you about heaves,
how suddenly

life drops out of me.
The nerve it takes

to shove it
back in.

Sarah Janczak

Lesbian confessions

April 2, 2017

I’m a married forty year old mother of two boys, and last summer I seduced my best friend’s seventeen year old daughter. It was her first time. Now I’m besotted with her and we go to bed together at every opportunity. I know it’s wrong, but I never want it to end.

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True Confession

April 2, 2017

watching a boy unbutton his pants to take his dick out makes me have the same feeling like when I’m in a restaurant and i see my food coming to my table.

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No one cares…

June 19, 2016


about anal sex…

June 7, 2016


You want to know about anal sex? It’s like trying to have a poo backwards. Repeatedly. So not nice. Not nice at all…

True Confessions

Oh dear…

February 11, 2016