July 6, 2019

…one ought to write without making corrections, not necessarily at full tilt, no, but at one’s own pace and in accordance with what one is experiencing at the time; one ought to eject what one writes, manhandle it almost, yes, treat it roughly, not try to trim profusion but let it be part of the whole, and not tone down anything either, whether its speed or its slowness, just leave everything as it is when it appears.

Marguerite Duras
Emily L
Trans. Barbara Bray

mark the corrections

April 4, 2019

I know that as time passes, some poems that seemed to me rather perfect cease to, and sometimes, maybe even after twenty years, I see what’s wrong. So I mark the corrections in a copy of the book. In my library is a corner where the books are labelled “Marked Copy” in heavy ink on the covers.

Chard DeNiord

An Interview with Galway Kinnell, American Poetry Review January / February 2011