possessed by demons

April 29, 2017

In 1632, Sister Jeanne Agnes and sixteen nuns of the Ursuline convent, allegedly possessed by demons, threw convulsions, used abusive language, exposed their female parts and made sexual gestures at visiting priests. Father Jean-Joseph Surin exorcised these demons by inviting them into his own body. He became mentally unstable as a result. He inflicted injuries on himself and attempted suicide. Later describing his plight he said he was unable to understand what had happened to him when the unknown spirit entered his body. He got the feeling that he had two souls and that the alien soul constituted a second personality.


“She is dead as we know death, ” said Richard slowly. “So what could remain?”

“I know what he means,” the Duke remarked abruptly. “He is afraid that an elemental may have taken possession of her corpse. If so drastic measures will be necessary.”

“No!” Rex shook his head violently. “If you’re thinking of cutting off her head and driving a stake through her heart, I won’t have it. She’s mine, I tell you – mine!”

“Better that than the poor soul should suffer the agony of seeing its body come out of the grave at night to fatten itself on human blood,” De Richleau murmured. “But there are certain tests, and we can soon find out. Bring her over here.”

Simon and Richard lifted the body and carried it over to the mat of sheets and blankets in the centre of the pentacle, while De Richleau fiddled for a moment among his impedimenta.

“The Undead,” he said slowly, “have certain inhibitions. They can pass as human, but they cannot eat human food and they cannot cross running water except at sunset and sunrise. Garlic is a most fearsome thing to them, so that they scream if only touched by it, and the Cross, of course, is anathema. We will see if she reacts to them. “

As he spoke he took the wreath of garlic flowers from round his neck and placed it about Tanith’s. Then he made the sign of the Cross above her and laid his little gold crucifix upon her lips.

Dennis Wheatley
The Devil Rides Out

April 27, 2014