For all you meat eaters –

December 25, 2018

Nothing beats the taste of a woman!!

The Christmas season is magical, enchanting, and fraught with heinous stories of diabolical supernatural beings. Boughs of holly deck hallways, sugar plum fairies dance inside children’s heads, and an old man forces himself into chimneys around the world after months of tirelessly surveying children. There are so many wonderful stories that are told during Christmas — those of reindeer who fly in the sky, or of Krampus, the Christmas demon that beats children with sticks and drowns them in streams. Then there is Grýla, the hideous Icelandic cannibal troll-woman who abducts children and boils them to death…

Diana Tourjee
Praise Gryla, a terrifying Christmas cannibal

So, boys & girls, Christmas Cannibalism is something of a tradition it would seem…