Hallow what…?

October 31, 2017

She prayed, and her prayer was monstrous because in it there was no margin left for damnation or forgiveness…She could not offer herself up; she only told of herself in a preoccupation that was its own predicament.

Djuna Barnes
from Nightwood)

follow like a witch-fire

January 27, 2017


Yes, oh, God, Robin was beautiful. I don’t like her, but I have to admit that much: sort of fluid blue under her skin, as if the hide of time had been stripped from her, and with it, all transactions with knowledge. A sort of first position in attention; a face that will age only under the blows of perpetual childhood. The temples like those of young beasts cutting horns, as if they were sleeping eyes. And that look on a face we follow like a witch-fire. Sorcerers know the power of horns; meet a horn where you like and you know you have been identified. You could fall over a thousand human skulls without the same trepidation.

Djuna Barnes