a strange thing happened

February 6, 2020

“I wonder what you would say to me, Maria dear, if you could talk?”

She glanced casually at Maria’s serene little face. Then a strange thing happened. There was a shift in the air, a shimmer, and something changed. Was it Maria’s face, or was it the world itself? For the briefest moment, Maria’s (Doll) features became fluid with expression, and Heloise heard a voice, as clear as a bell, and yet inside her head, answering promptly:

“I would say, I love you.”

Heloise froze.

“Oh, Maria, dearest,” she whispered with all her heart. “I love you too.”

Cassandra Golds
The Museum of Mary Child


June 24, 2018

Just a Doll.

Matthew M Bartlett
Hurt me Henry
Of Doomful Portent: An Advent Calendar of Grotesque Horrors

Every boy should have one

August 19, 2017


Reminder of a time spent in Venice…