an echo

July 4, 2019

Days I feel like a human being, while other days I feel more like a sound. I touch the world not as myself but as an echo of who I was.

Ocean Vuong
On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous

darkness in me

February 17, 2019

I needed to channel the darkness that ran through my veins and embrace it. To play this game better than this man ever could have predicted. After all, I’d only been with him twice, and already I could see his weakness –

His weakness was me!

A. Zavarelli


January 22, 2015


God of nature, father of Silenus, whose own father is uncertain, but was possibly Hermes, or perhaps even randy Zeus. His mother’s identity, too, is shrouded in mystery. Possibly it was Penelope, wife of Odysseus, who is said to have engaged in sexual congress with 108 of the suitors who courted her in her husband’s absence. Pan was the result, maybe, of one of these forbidden intimacies?

He was born with horns, beard, puckish nose, goats legs and hindquarters that were covered in hair. He was so unusual for a newborn, his mother fled from him in panic.

The story of Pan is older than that of the other Olympians. After all it is said he taught Apollo the power of prophesy and provided Artemis her pack of hunting dogs. He was inventor of the syrinx, the shepherd’s flute, which he played with brilliance.

Often savage and insatiate, Pan inspired panic in lone travelers in the world’s wild places, impregnated countless Nymphae. Most famously he loved the mountain deity Echo, who he held in his arms, teaching her to repeat after him all kinds of songs. It was, of course, a love that was doomed.

He fell in lust with Syrinx, perused her relentlessly, and would have ravished her in a lonely spot beside a river had she not been transformed into a stand of mash reeds. Pitys, Selene, each experienced and attempted escape from Pan’s love; his wild lust. His nimble-footed dancing like a sportive goat. His huge member. Frightened troops of Nymphae fled from him in panic, his terrible lust that knew no satiation. Pan’s greatest conquest, of course, was Selene, the moon goddess, who he lured to earth and ravished mercilessly and repeatedly.

Pan lived to dance, to sing, to play his pipes, to fuck and chase the beautiful Nymphae, many of whom would wake in the morning from his goat-musky embraces to piss away the remains of their hymen in to rushing stream or silent forest glade.

So, boys & girls, what should you do if confronted by the Great God Pan in some lonely spot in wood or dale?

Firstly, never – NEVER – go wandering without a good tube of lubricant, which you should keep close to hand at all times. At your first, fleeting glimpse of his horns, his furry pelt, apply the lubricant generously to genitals and bottom. Pan, boys & girls, has no conception of foreplay. And no mortal could ever outrun him. That phallus of his, is wickedly proportioned…

You have been warned.