It began at age nine or ten, my foot fetish. Anna, a neighbourhood teen, was to act as childminder one evening when my mum was out. I remember being in pajamas and lying on the floor. Anna sitting on the sofa kept prodding and tickling me with her bare feet. Somehow my pajama pants ended up half-way down my thighs and she caressed my little erection, using the soles of her feet on the shaft, then her toes, gently on the head. While she stimulated me with one foot, she placed the other over my face and told me to kiss it and suck the toes.

I did.

‘I love my feet to be kissed,’ she said. ‘I like it when you clean them with your tongue. D’you like my playing footsie with your thing?’

I couldn’t answer, couldn’t speak. Her foot rubbing me made something happen – like an explosion in my head. My body spasmed ten, eleven times and, terrified by this, I pushed her foot away and grabbed my jerking erection.

I’d cum for the first time. There was no sperm, just that unexpected and involuntary, almost spastic motion – frightening, but very pleasurable.

‘That’s not fair,’ Anna said. ‘You’ve got to suck my toes some more.’

So I did.

And when I was in bed later that night, remembering the taste of her feet, I became hard again. I rubbed myself imagining my hands as Anna’s feet. This time when I came I just lay there and enjoyed it. From that time to this, feet have dominated my fantasies –

Paul Owen
This Little Piggy: confessions from the shoe trade

I like…

December 31, 2014


I like stilettos
I like high-heels
I like patent leather
The way that it feels
I like peep-toes
They give me the chills
I like sling-backs
And I love espadrilles

But there’s one thing I’ve learned
While I’ve been around
It’s that you can’t love a girl
From the ankles down…