December 20, 2019

I have fallen into Friday and
never slept, like deep scars
hanging white the exhaust of
memory. Where long before
dawn, I missed the sheets
on an unmade bed, porcine
of undressed skin stitching
through threads. Fingers felt
to the length of hips where
denim thumbed the black, I
startle the moonrise giving
pale corseted with my window.
But it was easy to memorize
the nothing without feeling for
its wrinkle or smooth, where
I bore the hollow, got skinny in
my limbs stilling a girl from
spinning herself out of shadow.

Lana Bella

Here soon

July 4, 2019

Love like a poet

Friday. Such a busy day of the week for me – and yet it’s gateway to the weekend where all problems melt, dissolve, especially if you steer clear of news, televisual or what-have-you, become a simple primitive and turn your back on the frenzied activities of others. Empty your mind and live –

Really good advice.

And still time for a short poem:

Life is love, And love is life

life is life, however it would go
love is love, no matter what would occur
love is growing more with every hearts beat
feelings of my heart could never change
love is life, life is love
you can enjoy them as much as you want….

Anna Jonson

Oh, yes, so true!

July 18, 2018

This says it all…

April 25, 2018

Urgent Question

April 17, 2018

Message for all

January 12, 2018

September 2, 2016


Okay, have a…

June 17, 2016


TFI Friday…

February 12, 2016

H R Giger Leipzig Exhibition Grande, beautiful, bizarre

H R Giger
Leipzig Exhibition
Grande, beautiful, bizarre

H R Giger Deathbearingmachine

H R Giger

H R Giger Begoetterung

H R Giger