Sick Britain

February 27, 2009

A five year old sets fire to his bedroom to force his parents to move? See here.

What the hell’s going on? We spend ever increasing amounts on our police force but they seem as ineffective as ever? This has been a bone of contention for years. See here.

“Academics said the cost of policing for each taxpayer was higher than every other developed country in the world and has increased by more than £4.5 billion (43%) since New Labour came to power 1997. They said not enough had been done to address a lack of national co-ordination on serious and organised crimes such as gun violence, drug smuggling and people trafficking.”

And will anything be done about it? Watch this space.

And a twenty year old known as scarface gets a minimum of 26-years. Unfortunately his victim got life. Or rather lost his life. See here.