June 30, 2019

We were understudies for the goats
who were understudies for goddesses:
You were the light one, was Athena.
I was the dark one, was Persephone.
They frolicked in their mirror world,
the one facing the forest
from behind the barn, bleating
into an amphitheatre of trees.
Year by year their home filled up
with castoff toys and in exchange
they taught us tragedy. Like those sisters’
our foreheads were dense,
interminable, above shallow eyes.
And all the while the real goddesses
popped olives in their mouths
and gazed down from a mountain
that looked like an overturned washtub –
Athena with her famous
gray eyes that could halt an army
and her sister with black eyes
that could spoil fruit.

Sarah Rose Nordgren

goddesses were by me

March 11, 2018

wicca Priestess

As a child, I grew up surrounded, in my mind, by goddesses. I must have been about nine years old, when I first encountered them in the pages of The Jewish Encyclopaedia. This set of numerous volumes was one of the few reading resources open to me in a strict Orthodox household; the others I remember included biographies of mothers of ‘great Jewish thinkers’ (such thinkers of course were all men). But it was the notion of the existence of goddesses that inspired me, a lonely and ‘difficult ‘ motherless girl who found the God encountered in the pages of the bible and in the synagogue services both frightening and remote. Here in these books, under headings such as Egyptology, Idolatry, etc, I found Isis, Maat, Asherah, Ashtoreth; and, a few years later at school, there were their Greek and Roman sisters, Astarte, Aphrodite, Artemis.

For all my childhood years until I left school and home at the age of sixteen, these goddesses were by me; I was frightened of them, but they were close not distant, and their nearness was a female nearness, and my terrors were of their power, but mediated by their gender. They were like me, of me, but greater by far.

Asphodel P Long
A Brief Autobiography

Banana Recipe

January 28, 2018

Take a banana
Peel it
Dice it
Put it aside

If you thought this
Was a recipe
It is
For a disaster

Take a banana
Peel it
Dice it
Put it inside

JoBe Arenas


The mythology of Hawaii tells of goddesses who were impregnated by bananas they had placed beneath their garments. B. Stern mentions (Medizin in der Türki, Bd. II, p. 24) that the women of Turkey and Egypt use the banana, as well as the cucumber, etc., for masturbation.

Havelock Ellis
Studies in the Psychology of Sex, Volume 1