Storm in the blood

May 30, 2017

27th May

Huge electrical storms throughout the night. Lightning flashes all over the moor, as far as the eye can see. Lightening washing the horizon with vivid blood-orange light. One violent rumble of thunder after another above us. Power off, then on again. Internet connection gone…The end of the world!

End of days, at last. Armageddon, Gotterdammerung, ragna rokkr – it has finally arrived with these terrible bursts of forked and sheet lightning! From the west in a ship manned by a phantom crew comes the giant Hrym; his ship rides the waves stirred up by the great serpent of Midgard. From the north another ship, this one crewed by inhabitants of the underworld, Loki sitting at its helm. The wolf Fenrir accompanies him, fire spurting from the beasts eyes and nostrils; blood drips black as ashes from its ferocious jaws. Fenrir’s upper jaw touches the heavens, his lower jaw brushes the earth –

All is finished!

Then: rain falling…a sudden heavy and prolonged downpour that drowns everything in the garden and leaves huge puddles on the patio. A deluge of unprecedented proportions –

With dawn comes final peace, and a thick mist rolling off the moor; it reduces visibility to three metres or thereabouts. Shapes move in that mist: moorland ponies, cattle or creatures from another dimension? You take your pick?

The mist smells of the sea.

It is a morning full of Lovecraftian possibilities.