Short break

November 6, 2018

greece 045

Peedeel is off to Athens in Greece for a few days, Boys & Girls. He heads for Heathrow tomorrow morning for an overnight stay, then on to Athens to see old school friends and to reintroduce himself to the marvellous retsina lake to be found there.

Do be good while he’s away.

And fear not, he will return after a couple of weeks, to amuse and entertain you with more mind enriching posts, more smut, literature, voodoo, hoodoo & so much more!

auf wiedersehen –


Important Notice

July 1, 2018

Sky land and sea intertwined in a moment of infinity

In a world where eroticism has come to be associated with obscenity, Peedeel seeks to challenge and confront the hypocrisy of sexual stereotypes, reclaiming sexuality as sacred, celebrating the source of creativity itself.


Even Peedeel needs a rest occasionally! So he has packed his essentials, and is off for a short break. But do not despair, boys and girls, he will return –

Away for Samhain…

October 30, 2016


Peedeel is away for the next week or so, hence the early Halloween posts on his blog.

If he can get out of bed, he’ll be visiting friends, both living and dead, to celebrate Samhain and to listen to the earth breathe.

But don’t despair. He will return.

Watch this space…

Short break

September 11, 2016


Peedeel is off and away for a few days, and as always is unsure what to pack. Fear not boys and girls, he will return. Do watch this space…!

Harsh is the night…

September 11, 2016


Diary 11th September

Just a fistful of fast, challenging, hot-wired mind-bites!

‘She can’t say no if she’s gagged.’ S smiles at us. She is tall, and so thin you don’t believe she can possibly cast a shadow. There is a scent of jasmine about her: sickly sweet, heady – as if her body were a garden…a torture garden, perhaps?

She uses the crop with consummate skill…


Her tongue seems huge in my mouth. She has a strong tongue and slender fingers. Their touch is like the flickering lick of a candle flame on my skin. I take a nipple into my mouth now, as her fingers gently caress and set me alight…


Today is Dee’s birthday and we are going to the coast. We will eat, drink and make merry, inbetween watching the waves break over ragged rocks, while the gulls circle slowly overhead…We will return in a couple of days.


June 24, 2016


Peedeel is on holiday from today.

He’ll return, all being well, during the last week of July, when he’ll post more mind enriching entries on his blog…yes, boys and girls, more smut, literature, voodoo, hoodoo and so much more.

Watch this space.

Coast of Sea at Night - Ivan Aivazovsky

Diary 24th June

So, referendum result? Goodbye to Europe…Little England with its narrow, little mind has won. The divorce is going to be long and very messy.


I failed to mention the solstice and Stonehenge the other day. Shows how busy I’ve been, boys and girls. Around 12,000 people attended – less than the twenty thousand anticipated. Perhaps because of the alcohol ban, but more likely because of the cost of car parking.

Strawberry moon lit up the solstice sky for the first time in forty-nine years. And then the most incredible sunrise above the heel stone…

And when the horn blasts sounded out across the crowd, we all drank brandy from silver flasks. Lots of it. A wonderful experience. Thanks in particular to Aibhlinn and her beautiful partner whose hospitality and knowledge of things esoteric seemed limitless.

May peace accompany you wherever you go.


Can I mention here the death ship?

Well, yes, of course I can. It’s my Blog, isn’t it? I can mention what I please.

So, the Death ship and its appearance off St Just – a village in the far west reaches of Cornwall, where currently reside many witches, various practitioners of sexual magic, the odd Satanist or two, and a very large community of ‘swingers’. It is a village where, two hundred years ago, a dark stranger with cold grey eyes arrived with his sea chest. He took up residence in a cottage on the coast nearby. The villagers then, a pious band of church-goers, knew not from whence he’d come – but the suggestion was made that the stranger was in fact a pirate, who’d been marooned by his sea-robbing comrades for being too rough!

His arrival coincided with a number of ship wrecks off that stretch of coast. According to William Bottrell (Traditions and Hearthside Stories of West Cornwall, Vol. 2):

“At length it was discovered that, on dark winter nights—when honest folks were a-bed—he made it his practice to fasten a lantern to the neck of a horse, which he had hobbled, by tying down its head to a fore-leg; then he drove the horse along near the cliff, and the lantern, from its motion, would be taken for a vessel’s stern-light.

“Consequently those on board ships sailing by, expecting to find plenty of sea room, would come right in and be wrecked on the rocks. Any of their crews that escaped a watery grave the wretch would knock on the head with his axe, or cut off their hand when they tried to grasp the rocks.”

And so the stranger became richer and lived the life of an aristocrat, lording it over all until he fell ill. Then it was the devil collected his due –

“When he was dying his awful shrieks were heard far away, as he cried, “Do save me from the devil, and the sailors, there, looking to tear me to pieces.” Several parsons and other pious folks were sent for.”

“Though it was in harvest time and high day, the old wrecker’s chamber became, at times, as dark as night. The parsons saw the devil in the room, when others could not; by their reading they drove him to take many shapes, but for all that he would not be put out; at last, when he took the form of a fly, and buzzed about the dying wretch, they saw it was in vain for them to try any longer.

“During the time the exorcists were engaged, the chamber seemed – by the sound – to be filled with the sea splashing around the bed; waves were heard as if surging and breaking against the house, though it was a good bit inland.”

Two farm hands out on the cliffs “beheld a black, heavy, square-rigged ship, with all sail set, coming fast in, against wind and tide, and not a hand to be seen aboard her.

“She came so close under cliff that only her topmast could be seen; when black clouds – that seemed to rise out of the deep – gathered around her and extended thence straight to the dying man’s dwelling.”

The farm hands, “terrified at the sight of this ship-of-doom so near them, ran up to the town-place, just as the old sinner died, when his dwelling shook as if about to fall. Everybody, in great fright, rushed out and saw the black clouds roll off towards the death-ship, which, at once, sailed away amidst a blaze of lightning – far over sea, and disappeared.”


So now I’m off on my hols. Do take care boys and girls.

Inside my head

Diary 23rd June

My head is full of shadows and winding staircases. Endless passageways are lit by flickering candle flames. Interlinked they form a labyrinth of elaborate nightmares – nightmares that pursue the unwary intruder! Oh, and yes, there are skeletons in every cupboard here: the bodies of undesired strangers. And in each of the many rooms can be found a tormented, agonized victim of my sick psyche…


I constructed my first female companion from a Meccano set my father gave me for my eighth birthday. I fashioned her vagina by mixing part 131, the dredger bucket, with five of part 142a, the rubber tires. I started fucking her from that first night. She was most immodest in bed, so that I named her Insatiable Alice. And we remained lovers until I was sent away to boarding school two years later. I didn’t see my Alice again until I was sixteen years old, and she was partly dismantled and rusting at the back of the garden shed. I cried for her; real tears. I was truly heartbroken. But then I wondered what I could build with all those Lego pieces in that ancient cake tin?

Lego and latex together – and you have Insatiable Alice Mk II.

Oh, Lord, what a tease!

Believe me when I tell you I often had to beg her to let me cum! Spread like a pinned butterfly on my bed beneath her, her red-brick and latex mouth teasing me. My hands palm deep in her yellow-brick hair…

I used to love most the way her breathing changed when I caressed her thighs at night.


And so I’m going away, away, away – for one month. I need rest and sun and fresh air. I need to hear midnight conversations in Italiano, make love on moonlit beaches and eat great dishes of spaghetti and roasted vegetables.

Tomorrow I leave!

Scendo a prendere le valigie!


Conversation yesterday: Yes, yes there should be ‘licensed’ prostitutes who can satisfy the desire of certain people for flagellation. And while I may think the practice personally repellent, my own sado-masochistic requirements are easily satisfied by listening to Zerlina sing ‘Bati, batti’…

Indeed. Wolfgang Amadeus does it for me every time!


I agree with Maureen Duffy that our definition of a fairy cannot be restricted to saccharine and predominantly nineteenth century images of figures dressed in white tulle. No, they must be recognised as malignant and malevolent beings who’ve escaped from the human subconscious into the material world…


Isn’t it strange. Anglo Saxon attitudes dictate that lovemaking should be hidden away, carried out in darkness, a secret in part unpleasant and certainly not a fit subject for discussion in polite company. And yet we practice acts of violence in broad daylight, in sight of all! Some of these acts are government sponsored, others are replicated on our television and cinema screens and called ENTERTAINMENT!

Riane Eisler points out the average US child will watch over 20,000 screen murders and witness 200,000 acts of violence before they are eligible to vote!

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Vacation time again…

February 16, 2016

No more Blog entries for a few days, see!

No more Blog entries for a few days, see!

Yes, yes, it’s true boys and girls…I’m off to Barcelona for a few days – the Barri Gòtic, Sagrada Família, the Maritime Museum, the Picasso Museum, and not to forget Museu de l’Erotica where we witnessed a young woman handjobbing a portly German tourist in the darkened cinema section on our first ever visit!


Have no fear! I will return – after sampling plates of patatas bravas, churros and drinking a lake vino tinto, I’ll be back…heavier, no doubt, but greatly on form!

Look forward to seeing you all then…



The rumours are true, boys a & girls, Peedeel is on vacation from tonight for three weeks. These will be weeks of sun, sea, sex and sand. Consequently, while Peedeel recharges his batteries, Peedeel’s Blog of smut, literature, voodoo, hoodoo & so much more, will remain silent; no more new entries until my return!

However, return I will. And you, dear readers, can look forward to reading: The Photographic Album of a number of my closest friends and lovers (unless they come up with a good load of dosh not to publish these highly intimate studies); The final truth about the American Moon Landing, with documents leaked from the Kremlin’s top secret files ( a Peedeel exclusive ); Animatronics and the EU President – is Jean-Claude Juncker really an Hitachi robot? The truth at last!

Yes, all this and more. In the meantime, a big thank-you to my thousands of followers around the world. You are all lovely people! Take care! See you soon…