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Diary 10th March

I miss all those wonderful unfortunate moments on TV – Beeb viewers, apparently, were left “choking on their morning toast” when they saw forty-five year old Helen Butter, one of the Yorkshire all woman’s rowing team, rowing naked from the waist down on the box.

This broadcast of the ladies “princess parts” occurred last Tuesday morning – but I missed it!

Anyway, all the best to Helen and the team. As far as I’m concerned she can show her “Hairy Mary” whenever and where ever she wants!
Yesterday afternoon, holed up in the bedroom, curtains tight drawn on all that wind and rain, making love in the half-dark, then eating chocolate washed down with champagne. Later we had candles round the room to provide some flickering illumination…
In many cultures darkness is seen as another kind of light – a light requiring a new way of seeing…
Jean Claude Juncker, ex prime minister of Luxembourg, wannabe ambassador of the great tax avoidance scheme, and president of the European commission, appeared to mock David Cameron’s “renegotiation” the other day, saying the Prime Minister was grateful for his aid in resolving his “self-induced problem”.

“Peace is never a sure thing. Anyone who thinks that peace is set in eternity is fundamentally wrong. And there is war again in Europe,” Mr Juncker said, referring to conflict in Ukraine…which the EU has been powerless to do much about.

He warned that the refugee crisis poses a risk to the “highly sensitive” Balkans following the conflicts in Kosovo and Bosnia.

“Europe gains whenever we point out that Europe is a major project for peace. Whoever does not believe in Europe, who doubts Europe, whoever despairs of Europe, should visit the military cemeteries in Europe.”

He warned that the “enormous stupidity” of two world wars could return to Europe.

Mr Junker’s father was a conscript in the Nazi Wehmacht during world war two. I wonder does he think the “enormous stupidity” was Britain’s declaration of war on Hitler’s Germany in 1939 or Hitler’s invasion of Poland…?

Dr Liam Fox, the former defence secretary, commented: The military cemeteries of Europe are testament to the failure of the continent to control extremism in the twentieth century.

“Had Britain not been a free and independent nation, we would have been unable to intervene to protect Europe from the result of its own folly.

“Before we are lectured by the European Commission, we should take a look at the rise of extremism across the continent and ask whether they are helping or hurting.”

Politicians on all sides appear to be clutching at fecking straws…
And Brussels chiefs (would that be Geronimo and Sitting Bull…?) want a centralised EU asylum force, the European Asylum Support Office, with powers to control the immigration policies of all member states. This plan has been kept secret for months to avoid inflaming opinion in the UK ahead of the EU membership referendum on June 23. But it was finally announced because of the current migration problems…to help dispel the view that EU politicians are totally at odds with each other, and running round like headless chickens.

Actually I believe we’d be better off with headless chickens in control…
Silence must always be better than bullshit…although, they say bullshit baffles brains?
D’you have a problem with sneezing in company?

To avoid sneezing stick your forefinger way up your bum…this distracts you, takes your mind of the sneeze, and prevents you spraying all that nastiness over your friends and colleagues!

All you hear about nowadays is money. It’s in short supply, so we’ll print some more. Spend our way out of trouble?

“In the 1990s the Japanese government spent massively to try and reverse a similar situation. The result was it was burdened with huge debt repayments which meant a decade of recession and stagnation.

Currently the Chinese government holds billions in US government bonds and must be very nervous about their worth. More importantly even the US government is nearing the limits of what it can spend…but maybe they don’t yet realise that?

In the UK “the amount of money the government has thrown at the banks to prop them up is spectacular. No one knows how much public money will be given to the banks, because no one knows how much money they owe.

The government has spent £200 billion on RBS and is about to spend £200 billion on Lloyds. These bail outs come on top of the £250 billion in credit and the £37 billion in hard cash that was handed to the banks last year.

Labour’s bail outs will more than double the national debt, according to the Office for National Statistics. The government is guaranteeing the debts and liabilities of the nationalised and part-nationalised banks – some £1.5 trillion. That could push the country’s debt levels up to 150 percent of national income, from the current level of 48 percent.

This amounts to a transfer of wealth from the public purse to the bankers – with absolutely no influence over what they do. When the government takes over a bank it leaves most of the same people and policies in place” to continue to do what they’ve always done in the past. Excuse me, but who else, beside a fuckin’ idiot, would do that?

For the man in the street, what’s needed is some new initiatives. Like THIS?

If we all print our own dosh we don’t have to give a monkey’s about the fuck-up the Clown and his Circus are making of things, do we?

Strangely, the IMF signed a deal with Iceland in which they’ll give a loan of 10billion to support the Icelandic economy. But in return Iceland has to introduce massive cuts in expenditure and squeeze living standards to a rock bottom minimum! The IMF don’t seem to have heard of this spend, spend, spend idea?

Iceland, if it had any sense, should just get the presses rolling and print off krona bills till the cows come home. Live today, pay tomorrow!

And a new policy divide appears to be opening up between the EU and the US (no surprise there!) over the extent stimulus spending programmes should be used to combat the current global recession.

Speaking late on Monday evening following a three hour meeting of eurozone finance ministers, the group’s president, Jean-Claude Juncker, signalled that the recent US call for a global spending boost in 2009 was in direct contrast to what eurozone finance ministers considered appropriate. They ain’t going to do it. They already told the Clown they ain’t.

But while the EU’s not about to print loads of money to spend it is putting £8million into an “aquagym and chill out rooms” in the European Parliament – what a great idea! See HERE.

On the subject of the EU “nobody has set out any government or EU vision for how the economy is going to be reorganised during and after this recession. There seems to be no vision of an economic future, it seems to be bailouts, heads down and hope for the best.”

Yet all they have to do is print some more money!!