Finance and writers

April 27, 2020

I always encourage new writers to keep a day job or freelancing job on top of the writing work for as long as possible, before health and/or sanity gives out. I’ve burned out a couple of times, going this route. And I got brutally sick within a month of picking up a day job again.

I’m getting too old for this shit. But I don’t want to give up writing. And I don’t want to live on credit cards until I break them and end up in abject pov­erty. Gotta get up. Gotta work. Gotta keep going. The writing life.

Folks ask often me how one maintains “bal­ance” when juggling so many income streams, but the hustle isn’t about balance. For many of us, the hustle is about survival. Survival not only for ourselves, but for the households we support. And while we struggle, the truth is that there are many who struggle a lot more.  The uncertainty of the job market, the lack of employee protections and social safety nets,  impacts us all.  It’s not only writers and freelancers who are hit hard by gig and hustle culture. It’s everyone who doesn’t have a trust fund to fall back on.

Kameron Hurley
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