March 3, 2020

To write a poem is to work with change, to deal with a shape-shifter.

Kathleen Jamie
Strong Words

But a hole appeared

February 6, 2020

We watched the tundra, but the tundra, they say, is watchful too. The people say, ‘It’s like something’s looking at you’

There are stories of disappearance and reappearance out on the tundra.

Was it John [a Yup’ik colleague on the dig] who told the story of the two men out on the tundra in fog? The fog was so low, just above their heads. But a hole appeared in the fog and from the hole they could hear laughter and merriment. ‘Give me a leg up,’ said one of the men. ‘I want to see what’s happening.’ ‘Okay, but you must reach for me in turn, and pull me up too,’ said the other. So the first man entered the world above the cloud, but at that moment the hole closed and the bank of fog moved on, and the first man was never seen again.

Kathleen Jamie
In Quinhagak, Surfacing