chaste kiss

February 10, 2020

But come, dearest creature — I will — give you one chaste kiss.

Virginia Woolf
November 1926 letter to Vita Sackville-West

Love Talk

January 21, 2020

Whatever is said,
in or on the bed,
(like ‘Were you
telling me a fairy story?’
or ‘I want to
feel you inside me!’)
is insubstantial air
circling the pubic hair…
From top to toe,
all the love will go
(‘I want to
lick you!’ or ‘Open
your legs a bit wider!’
or even ‘I love you!’),
it will vanish away
like childhood play…
It stops and starts,
performing arts
(like theatre,
cinema, ballet,
there for a moment,
then slowly forgotten)
are most like this –
the insubstantial kiss…

My love for you is unconditional. Arse size has nothing to do with it – although that said, I take great pleasure in tugging down those short shorts, so tight they turn inside out as I do so. Bending you forward slightly, I’m able to practice my analingus technique, hoping one day I’ll finally achieve perfection. Your bum deserves that much at the very least…

It was at this point, she said:

“Don’t just kiss me, darling – suck the soul from my body!”

So I did…

Kiss me

December 13, 2019

Kiss me, just once,
like the tender touch
of a butterfly’s wing,
barely the weight of a leaf,
the flicker of an eyelash –
then listen to your heart race
and die of happiness.

Her moans

October 24, 2019

As I kissed her, behind her clenched teeth I could hear her moan…

Amy Lowell
The Ring and the Castle


September 28, 2019

Her voice whispered your name and you felt transformed. Remember that? In the street when it started to snow, the big flakes melting on the collar of her coat. Standing so close together, she set you on fire, her breath smoking in the icy air, and her lips soft on yours, and her nose cold against your cheek – you were dancing on the tip of her tongue, remember? So close, the crease of her hipbone pressed, grinding on tumescence. And you glimpsed silent, teasing laughter in her eyes…

For Diane

September 15, 2019

your buttocks
fill my
while your tongue
greets mine

She kisses my cock

September 1, 2019

She kisses my cock:
chaste little kisses
that stir the blood;
bare purity in those parted lips,
enveloping shadows,
sweet and slow and wandering:
the kisses of a saint,
providing sweet sensation
and a solemn thrill,
kiss, kissing my cock
until I’m finally still.


You wake me,
Part my thighs, and kiss me.
I give you the dew
Of the first morning of the world.

Kenneth Rexrothe

Lips touching lips

August 10, 2019

A single kiss can bruise your soul –