feel your vulnerability

June 14, 2020

I like you nude, naked against my clothed body. And I love having you in my hands like this. Love to feel your vulnerability. Your body free for my hands, my caresses. Free for my lips, my kisses on your naked skin. Suck your lips. Bite your nipples. Touch your buttocks. See your naked sex. Make it stand between my fingers. Then order you to dress and go…Or maybe not!

causes symphonic notes to dance in your head, brilliant thumping of rhythmic hearts beating and sweaty palms that could turn into oceans. These are moments where the world seems to cease spinning and you and your lover are breathing each other’s air and it’s sweet and soft like your first taste of candy when you were a child. A mild resurgence of insecurities flood your mind like when you thought you plugged your headphones in on public transit and everyone hears your already overplayed acoustic genre hipsters l, or like what did i eat today? An unsettling nerve that says what will happen if he thinks your lips aren’t good enough, soft enough to love

What if your lips are just pillows of comfort for the now? A small glowing beam of burning ashes

What if these lips get tiresome and he’d want to explore new ones?

A silly game of what if’s

Silly girl

Close your eyes and let your lips part with his like that of lights burning bright and never getting dark.


kiss your sweet melody

June 13, 2020

Let me kiss your sweet melody and dip my tongue into the wonderful tune of you.

The first time was so exciting and amazing. I couldn’t wait to get down there and it was even better than I ever expected. It was so warm, soft, comforting, delicious, smooth, wet… Her reactions turned me on so much. Truly unbelievable. — Gail, 27

Suzannah Weiss
12 Women Share What It Was Like to Hook Up With Another Woman for the First Time

first kiss

June 4, 2020

The kiss is different than I expected. It’s slow and tender, his lips soft and warm against mine. He tastes sweet, like the powdered sugar I spilt and the coffee with chicory he’s always drinking. It’s a perfect first kiss.

D.L. Hess

I collect these signs

May 31, 2020

After she’s gone, I cherish all of the signs she was here. I press my face to the pillow and inhale what’s left of her scent. I wear the necklace she gave me, I hold the pendant in my palm while I think of her. My pubic bone aches from grinding against her. I press my fingertips into the small purple bruises on my thighs, she leaves them with her teeth. I run my fingers through my long mess of hair searching for the section she cut, late at night while I sat at her feet and we planned an epic art piece using both of our hair. I love that there’s a short little patch in my mane now, hidden underneath, a sign she has been here with me. I collect these signs like seashells so I can press them to my ear and hear the ocean.

Her Dirty Little Heart

I’d never really thought of myself as anything other than straight until a friend of mine said she liked me and it was too bad I didn’t like girls. I laughed it off, but something in my head went, ‘It is too bad I’m straight!’ Later that evening, I took a chance and kissed her while we were watching a movie. Then one thing led to another, which led to our dating for a year and a half. I had always assumed I had to be straight because I like men. Now, I happily identify as bisexual, and a lot of feelings and a few dreams from high school make a lot more sense.

— Cathy, 35

Suzannah Weiss
12 Women Share What It Was Like to Hook Up With Another Woman for the First Time

in lockdown

April 15, 2020

It’s so beautiful being in lockdown with you. Kissing your lips as if they were air and I were suffocating and desperate to breathe them in.

With hectic thrusts of the head, Mother’s mouth tries to avoid Erika’s puckered mouth. Mother wildly tosses her head around, trying to escape the kisses. It’s like a lovers’ struggle, and the goal isn’t orgasm, but Mother per se, the person known as Mother. And this Mother resolutely puts up a fight. It’s no use, Erika is stronger. She winds around Mother like ivy around an old house, but this Mother is definitely not a cosy old house. Erika sucks and gnaws on this big body as if she wanted to crawl back in and hide inside it.

Elfriede Jelinek
The Piano Teacher

Welcome Home

January 15, 2020

Every mouth you’ve ever kissed
was just practice
all the bodies you’ve ever undressed
and ploughed in to
were preparing you for me.
i don’t mind tasting them in the
memory of your mouth
they were a long hall way
a door half open
a single suit case still on the conveyor belt
was it a long journey?
Did it take you long to find me?
You’re here now,
welcome home.

Warsan Shire