It is a still morning, misty and dappled, and where the light touches flesh or linen or fresh leaves, there is a sheen like the sheen on an eggshell: the whole world luminous, its angles softened, its scent watery and green.

Hilary Mantel
Wolf Hall

Morning. Silver streaks in the sky between intermittent layers of thick cloud hanging low on the moor. Time to take the pigs for a walk. Nice pink leads, they have. Walk them across the back of my dreamscape before the rain sets in and washes us all away –

The artwork has been created by David M. Bower, who said about his work:

People always want to know what I was thinking when I create one of my more unusual paintings. My answer to them is simple: I just really wanted to paint that girl wrapped in plastic, holding a dead rat. The story sometimes just happens during the painting process. Sometimes the hidden narrative or true meaning is in the title itself. I am often inspired by an image that I see and my painting materializes from that image. It will often morph into so much more.

I’m awake

December 8, 2019


September 3, 2019

you hold me close
a little thorn in your side
nearer to you than your own
do you understand me
this bare woman
beside you
we are rumpled versions of ourselves

Regina C. J. Green

Greedy eyes and welcome

August 26, 2019

I forgot to close my greedy eyes, and now I’m lost in dreams of you, who remain so terribly unattainable.

Good morning…
Guten morgen…
Buenos dias…


June 2, 2019



Morning all

October 18, 2018

Slight chill in the air today. This morning seems kissed by winter beckoning to us from very near at hand, October into November. The sky above, overcast, exhales a pale mist of rain over everything.


July 19, 2018