The Old Gods & Brexit

March 23, 2019

You Brits are worried about Brexit? Waste of time, believe me. In 2020 the old Gods will finally return, refreshed after their long, long slumber and they’ll lay waste to human civilization. They’re going to burn arse, people –

So get over yourselves –

You heard it here first, boys & girls.

ancient leather-bound tomes

October 29, 2017

A young fool like Freirs would probably refuse to believe it. Like the rest of his doomed kind, he’d probably expect such lore to be found only in ancient leather-bound tomes with gothic lettering and portentously sinister titles. He’d search for it in mysterious old trunks and private vaults, in the “restricted” sections of libraries, in intricately carved wood chests with secret compartments.

But there are no real secrets, the Old One knows. Secrets are ultimately too hard to conceal. The keys to the rites that will transform the world are neither hidden nor rare nor expensive. They are available to anyone. You can find them on the paperback racks or in any second-hand bookshop.

T.E.D. Klein
The Ceremonies

To the otherworld

August 15, 2017

Maponos of the Deep, Great God
I come to you with this plea:
Bring the powers of the Otherworld
To inspire those who are before thee.

Gaulish Inscription at a sacred spring at Chamelières

ancient power spots

December 15, 2015

Vinicius Seixas Dark Cathedra

Throughout Europe there were people who continued to worship the old Gods in the old ways. The church’s frustration over this led it to destroy sacred trees and groves, pollute healing wells and springs, and build their own churches and cathedrals on ancient power spots where people had communed with spirits and deities since Neolithic times. Even today many churches and Christian sites, such as Lourdes, Fatima, and Chartres, are built on sites that were sacred to the Goddess and the old Gods throughout history. They will probably continue to be places of power and inspiration long after the Christian churches disappear. In many churches and cathedrals in Europe I was happy to find images of imps and dwarfs, the little people of Celtic lore, that the pagan artisans chiselled into the stonework to honour our ancestors. The little people are still there. Their power is still present. I have felt it.

Laurie Cabot
Power of the witch