Once In 365 Days

December 21, 2015


Mistletoe needn’t.
She comes to him before midnight,
The only season they will meet,
Coiling their solitude in secrecy,
Worth the wait –
Driving their brain ‘round the cuckoo’s nest,
In mind-piercing mode,
Discard that midnight countdown,
Clothing discarded – like presents; no ribbons,
Drenching; atop
Messy sheets – bodies waving white flags,
Releasing serotonin

Deborah Wong

(Deborah Wong’s poems have been published locally and internationally, including ditch, Poetry Quarterly, Anak Sastra, Red Fez, Mad Swirl, Vox Poetica, Banana Writers, The Tower Journal and elsewhere. Her second short story is forthcoming in Inwood Indiana Press. She’s also a frequent contributor and an editorial board member of Eastlit Journal.)