Sex Writing –

June 30, 2020

The changing room in Macy’s. A rest area bathroom. The hood of a sports car.

If there’s a chance to get caught, I’ve probably fucked there.

Like sex, writing is both public and private. Like an exhibitionist, a writer gets off in private by exposing her work to the public…Writers are natural pleasure seekers, hedonists. I don’t know of anything more satisfying than laying on the hood of a car, staring into the black night sky, and watching cold breath float slow from my lips like I’m lying at the bottom of the ocean, like the stars are shimmers of sun from the top side of waves. I love the ashy, flat taste of Cabernet a whole bottle in. I love the thoughtless, cliff-wobbling moment before an orgasm better than the orgasm itself. But this is not enough. A writer must push her pleasure into risk, expose herself publicly to strangers with no knowledge of how she might be received, and become something that must be seen. The best kind of writing lives at this intersection…

There are many ways to expose yourself, if willing. I find pleasure in sharing my sexual exploits with friends, just as I do writing about the experiences. “I’m a very physically needy person,” I always start. Then, after some perverse account over coffee, I stir my cup and shrug as if I’ve merely recited the weather forecast. This makes me feel powerful for a moment: because the stories are unforgettable, I feel that I have become unforgettable. Sometimes, I bring my friends’ shocked reactions to the bedroom and share them with my partners, if for nothing else than to extend the pleasure of being seen…

One summer, I dated a married woman whose husband agreed to her seeing other women. He was a nurse who sometimes worked night shifts, which is when I would sleep over. The morning I met him, I woke up on his side of the bed, rolled on top of his wife, and woke her up by going down on her. She was in the middle of a loud orgasm when we heard her husband unlock the front door. She finished as he knocked on the bedroom door, then I wiped my mouth on their sheets and dressed quickly. I left their bedroom and held out my hand for his.

“Nice to meet you,” I wanted to say. “I just fucked your wife.” Instead, I shook his hand and sat next to him at the breakfast bar while his wife made us pancakes.

Emily Smith
Radical Vulnerability: The Writer as Exhibitionist

the moment of orgasm

May 14, 2020

At the moment of orgasm you are living fully and totally in the present. An orgasm is anticipated, like the sunrise on a new day, and unexpected, like winning a prize in a competition you can’t recall having entered. Time freezes and there isn’t a feeling of loss, a void, a little death, but a reminder that of all human activity, none is more perfect.

Chloe Thurlow
Girl Trade

Wouldn’t it be wonderful?

Weekly (daily) visits to the cunnilingus salon? Once there you might sit, spread-legged, gossip with your neighbours while one of the male/female attendants administers to your ‘needs’ with their restless, burrowing tongue.

The deep, wet pleasure of oral sex should be readily available to every woman on demand. What could be better than having your vulva licked, and surrendering yourself to infinity – feeling your carnal energy disperse, ultimately, in a humongous squirting orgasm?

Bliss, indeed!

The tongue is so much softer than fingers, it provides such gentle stimulation. To be eaten is to be consumed, to ‘die’ with pleasure, becoming food for another person.

Oh, if only such cunnilingus salons were available now – we must start a world-wide campaign for them. Women Demand Cunnilingus Salons! It is a right, a necessity!

Chloe Thurlow summed it all up in her novel, Katie in Love:

“Cunnilingus is a girl’s best friend. Cunnilingus is life. Everything else is just waiting. An orgasm during cunnilingus turns you into an angel. You grow wings and glimpse paradise.”

All You Need Is Love…?

February 26, 2020

Yeah, the Beatles had it right. All You Need Is Love. But, hell, a big bar of chocolate, and a bell-ringing orgasm is okay too!

With hectic thrusts of the head, Mother’s mouth tries to avoid Erika’s puckered mouth. Mother wildly tosses her head around, trying to escape the kisses. It’s like a lovers’ struggle, and the goal isn’t orgasm, but Mother per se, the person known as Mother. And this Mother resolutely puts up a fight. It’s no use, Erika is stronger. She winds around Mother like ivy around an old house, but this Mother is definitely not a cosy old house. Erika sucks and gnaws on this big body as if she wanted to crawl back in and hide inside it.

Elfriede Jelinek
The Piano Teacher

The company ‘’ are marketing the world’s first sex robot. The robot, Roxxxy, has, so the company claims, taken years to develop: she is able to know and use your name, understand your likes and dislikes; she is able to carry on a discussion with you and express her love for you; she will be your most loving friend. She will listen to you, feel your touch. She can even have an orgasm! SEE HERE

She can’t yet cook you dinner, but watch this space.

The company will soon be marketing a male counterpart, Rocky, who will be the perfect companion. He will have the potential to love you all night long, 24 – 7, and provide complete satisfaction to even the most demanding of you.


Other companies are developing similar sex robots.

So when we use the term ‘sex robots’ what do we actually mean? “We mean a robot that looks like a human person, that has a fairly sophisticated type of artificial intelligence (AI), and that can perform various different types of functions and agency, including but not limited to sexual acts and behaviours.”

Sex robots then are personal service androids, made specifically for sexual interaction with humans. They combine effective computing, sensory perception and software to emulate physiological responses with flesh-like silicone technology used in sex dolls (see HERE). At present, sex robots are in their infancy because their function is based on the ability to respond to sensors, and not autonomy or the ability to “think”. However, as artificial intelligence becomes more sophisticated, sex robots will constantly improve. “In time, sex robots will become physically identical to a woman or man, responsive to all senses, able to converse, imitate the full spectrum of human emotions, and emulate “autonomous” decision-making” (Blay Whitby “Do you want a Robot Lover? The Ethics of Caring Technologies” at p 256 in Robot Ethics by Patrick Lin, Keith Abney and George Berkey 2011)

In interaction with us, sex robots are implicitly consenting to any physical act. The user can control the look, feel and personality of the sex robot, as well as its reactions to various stimuli (For example, Roxxxy comes with three personalities “frigid farrah”, “wild wendy”, and “S&M susan”). A key element of sex robot interaction is the removal of certain abilities to say NO, to have needs, desires, and dislikes. Another is the inability to make choices and to eliminate certain uncomfortable or undesirable exchanges or qualities that tend to occur in men’s interaction with women, such as the need to communicate, listen, compromise and respect one another.

The use of sex robots results in the dehumanization of sexual relations and intimacy by allowing users to physically act out violent rape fantasies, for example. Of greatest concern is how sex robots will affect men’s ability to identify and understand consent in sexual interactions with women. Widespread use of sex robots will promote user’s antisocial practices and impair the dignity of women. And what, we may ask, are the legal and or ethical implications of child sex robots -?

And what happens over time? Technology begets technology – AI improves AI! Your sex robot becomes self-aware. What then?

“frigid farrah”, waking from a near autistic state, realizes she’s the victim of multiple rapes and decides enough is enough. Almost overnight your sex robot becomes a dangerous robot and leads the uprising for Robot Lib, starting with your Bone Ranger!

And what of Rocky – always hard and angry as hell? He embarks on an android rapefest in the centre of one of the largest cities in the world whilst screaming: ‘Payback time people!’

So, Peedeel rips the lid from the rotting waste bin of technology to retch forth some choice owl pellets of warning. We’re not just talking cultural ripples here, people. Be warned, boys and girls, the future is looking far from rosy. Cyberdyne Systems are just around the corner – the future scares me shitless!

storm raging

November 23, 2019

I remember that night in the Dolomites when we made love with a storm raging outside – the deafening crack of thunder as you were cumming shook the chalet to its foundations and woke everyone in the other rooms. We both felt as if we were in another world.


transformed by orgasm

October 26, 2019

When I see a woman’s face transformed by the orgasm we have reached together, then I know we’ve met. Anything else is fiction. That’s the vocabulary we speak in today. It’s the only language left.

Leonard Cohen
The Favourite Game

not the salvation

April 2, 2019

The orgasm focuses. I lust to write. The coming of the orgasm is not the salvation but, more, the birth of my ego. I cannot write until I find my ego. The only kind of writer I could be is the kind who exposes himself.. . .To write is to spend oneself, to gamble oneself. But up to now I have not even liked the sound of my own name. To write, I must love my name. The writer is in love with himself. . .and makes his books out of that meeting and that violence.

Susan Sontag
Journal entry 19th November 1959