The Witch is embedded in our minds as the figure of nightmares, coded as a metaphor, an association. She is one of us only in touch with the supernatural and in possession of otherworldly wisdom. As such, Witches have historically provided a perfect canvas for projection of human pettiness, fear of the unknown and the all-encompassing mystery that is woman. Along came film, extending a powerful outlet for visual re-enactment of our collective imagination, and viola  —  the Witch has form, shape, a broom, a cat, warts, a hut, crystal ball and whatnot. The figure is now embroidered in imagery, and her universal presence is as fiercely visual as it is elusive.

Sonja Baksa

Witch! Witch! She is a Witch! ?

crumble into silver dust

August 16, 2018

Very startling — pixie-like, otherworldly — small, finely-built, dark hair — large eyes — her speech is overprecise — she shines and polishes each syllable with the very tip of her tongue — one feels that if one were to touch her, she would crumble into silver dust.

Susan Sontag,
(Description of Anaïs Nin)
As Consciousness is Harnessed to Flesh: Journals and Notebooks 1964-1980

visual fabulations

December 12, 2017

Fantastical dreamscapes, composite creatures, vegetal forms, abound in the paintings, and stories, of Leonora Carrington. Hybrid, transforming, mutating, metaphorical, metamorphosing, linguistic and visual fabulations that conjure into existence a twilight–world, a bewitched universe, a half-lit cosmo-verse of wonder and possibility, populated with fey, otherworldly, characters that only someone who still has one foot planted in the scene of childhood could invent.

Tina Kinsella
Gallery Talk
Irish Museum of Modern Art, Wednesday 13th November 2013